asked Oct 25, 2000 at 9:56am
Hp HP LaserJet 4L

HP LJ4L Jams

I have a 4L that shows a paper jam everytime I try to print (test page also). The paper gets picked up from the tray ok, and about 1.75" of the leading edge makes it through the toner cartridge/transfer roller, but doesn't make it to the next paper sensor (stalls right before the paper sensor). The paper itself has no damage and the image is being transferred to the page. The fuser seems to heat up correctly. I had the covers off and looked for paper etc... that might be causing this, additionally I tested the paper sensor by putting half a sheet of paper over it and repowering the machine and it shows a paper jam as I would expect, so I don't believe the paper sensor has failed. Any help would be appreciated.
I've fixed a lot of them by blowing air down into the registration sensor, but if the paper isn't getting to it??? Are there any light indications when this happens. At that point, the only thing you could blame would be the scanner. That's where it should kick in.
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