asked Feb 16, 2005 at 4:38pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 440

Epson 440

anybody can help, pls. I have mnually cleaned the jet of my epson 440, and reset the ink pad counter using SSC Service Utility , when i run the cleaning utility i can see ink both colored and black ink being sprayed in the pad, but when i try to print in black nothing comes out, when printing color only the red and yellow is being printed, what do i do next. thank you for the help
Try a few more cleanings. JUST DON'T USE ALCOHOL TO CLEAN THE PRINT HEAD it will cause more problems that it will solve. If you can't afford the print head cleaning kit you can use warm distilled water. And clean the print heads with that.

Again avoid alcohol or windex to clean the print head. And use very gentle pressure on the syringe or you will damage the print head.

I hope this helps,

by unknown on Feb 20, 2005 at 9:15am Add comment
Thank you Wes for the reply, I will try to clean again....but if it won't still print black, is it possible that the black print head is damage, as of now it only prints color red and yellow....again thank you.
by jerrie_chua on Feb 20, 2005 at 10:09pm Add comment
The print head can be damaged which is why I suggested running a few more cleanings. If you see any improvement then it's just a clog. If you don't see any changes then it would point to the print head or the pump. The print head would cost more than the printer is worth.

I hope this helps,

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How can I know if the print head is really damage, and not just a clog, is it possible that the black printhead can spray balack ink and yet not print anything, when I run the cleaning utility, I observe black ink being sprayed on the ink pad, but when I try to print nothing comes out only red and yellow ink are being printed, what should I do next.....thanks
by jerrie_chua on Feb 22, 2005 at 3:10pm Add comment
jerrie: There is no way that you can really know for sure, that the printhead is damaged or failing. Basically, the Pumping Mechanism pulls the ink out of the ink cartridges [using vacuum pressure], thru the printhead nozzles, onto the felt cap assembly, then thru that felt pad, thru the tiny hoses and out onto the Waste Ink Pads, where that ink is absorbed. If the black ink is being pulled by the vacuum onto that felt pad [which you say you can see], then you can assume that the black printhead is at least not completely clogged. In that case, some black ink should get onto ant print job ran, if the actual printhead assembly is FIRING. However if the printhead is failing then it may not be firing and that would explain why no ink is getting onto the paper. Its also possible that the Main Board Assembly is also failing and not sending that electrical signal to the printhead, which would normally cause it to fire. So in your particular case, either the printhead assembly could be failing, or the main board could be failing, but no way to know for sure. In either case, its time to simply bite the bullet and buy a new printer. Neither part is economical to replace, as you can buy a new inexpensive printer cheaper than you can have your old printer repaired for. There's nothing else I can suggest for you to try...Denny Conway
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Denny, thank you very much for the information, I'm still not giving up hope for this printer, will try to clean again and whatever happen I'll keep all of you inform by posting the result in this forum...thanks again..
by jerrie_chua on Feb 23, 2005 at 7:36pm Add comment
jerrie: You're welcome!...Denny Conway
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