asked Feb 15, 2005 at 4:03pm
Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

HP LaserJet IIIP 2 issues

May I ask for some assistance concerning the drum drive assembly clutch, which I bought from Fix Your Own Printer less than 3 months ago, and has already broken causing internal paper accordian jams, yet the original clutch lasted for over 12 years, and easily over 100K+ print jobs.

May I ask is this part warrantied ( if it was defective) and/or may there be another issue causing the early breakage?

May I also share that when the printer was printing, squeaking noises would result from the area of the exit rollers moving. I replaced these probably a year ago, and sprayed some silicone in an attempt to halt the squeaking to no avail.

I am grateful to anyone for suggestions and may I share this is my first question ever on a message board.
The clutches we sell are brand new OEM. I've never seen one fail that fast. The clutch does drive the cartridge drum. Only assumption I can make is the drum seized up or became hard to turn, thus causing undue strain on the clutch.
On the squeaking noise, it's really hard to determine the source since you can't run the printer open. Most noises are usually from the toner cartridge. I've never heard the exit rollers or the fuser squeak in that model. Try taking the cartridge out and physically rotate the drum with your thumb. Pull back the shutter to expose it and rotate the drum away from you with your right thumb. If the drum is hard to turn or squeaking you'll be able to feel or hear it.
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Dear Moe,

I am grateful for your suggestion.

May you know after taking apart the printer, removing the clutch which was not broken, rotating the drum with normal force via the large gear manually per your suggestion, spraying the gears with silicone and then removing the exit roller bar, cleaning it, spraying it with silicone and adjusting the exit rollers so that they are directly across from the guide? rollers, the printer printed 2 test pages successfully with less squeaking.

I believe it is the exit rollers causing the noise as a result of shifting and rubbing the frame of the printer.

I replaced these exit rollers just last year and since I do not know if they are warrantied, I will be purchasing a new set today.

Thank you again for your guidance.

Take care. - Anonymous
May I apologize for my novice mistake as I forgot to check the notify box on my previous question.

May I ask for responses to be posted to this thread or at least copied so that I will be notified of any suggestions.

I thank you in advance.
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