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Epson Epson Stylus Color 440

Epson stylus 440

Anybody pls. help, my Epson 440 is not printing anything, but when I run the head cleaning utility, I can see ink being deposited at the ink pad, thank you
Jerrie...Just so you will know: As long as the Pumping Mechanism & felt Cap Assembly is working normally, ink will be drawn out of the ink cartridges, thru the Printhead Assembly Nozzles and onto that felt pad area. That simply indicates that ink is being pulled out of the cartidge and thru the nozzles by vacuum force, which is normal and that those nozzles are not actually clogged. However, it is possible that either the Printhead Assembly has failed or the Main Board has failed. The main board sends electrical signals to the printhead nozzles, causing them to fire. That firing, then in turn, causes tiny drops of ink to come out and onto the paper, during the actual printing process. If there is a hardware/part failure, then the nozzles do not fire and no ink comes out onto the paper. If you can actually see a rainbow effect on that felt pad, of black ink & all three colors, that would usually indicate that the nozzles are not actually clogged, or at least fully clogged and that would normally indicate a part failure, rather than a clogged printhead assembly. In that case its usually time to invest in a new printer, as parts are not economical to replace, in most ink jet printers...If you run up to 6 or more sets of Printhead Cleaning Cycles & Nozzle Tests and no ink prints out on the paper, but you can actually see it on that felt pad, then I would have to guess that your printer actually has a part failure...Denny Conway
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I had the same problem too. You must keep on cleaning the heads (maybe for like 20 times) to get it to work. If you clean 'forever' and it still doesn't work, maybe it's time to bring your printer for a check at your repair shop.

good luck
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