asked Oct 24, 2000 at 10:29am
Apple Apple LaserWriter LaserWriter

NTR 2 lights problem

Apologies if I sent this message before -

I bought the "two lights at startup" repair kit for my Apple Personal Laserwriter NTR - the fuser lamp assembly kit. After replacing it, I'm still getting the two lamps flashing after startup problem.

Upon examination of the old fuser lamp, it looks fine. Any idea what else could be causing the problem?



The lamp is responsible for over 90\% of the problems with 2 flashing lights. Did you remember to tighten the screw on the pointy end of the lamp. It's easy to forget. The rest of the time, it's the power module. A bit more difficult to replace. I can't remember ever changing a power module for blinking lights on an NTR. I think we have a few good used units in stock. New ones are way too expensive to put in old printers. They fail so seldom it's not worth the extra cost.
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