asked Nov 7, 2001 at 1:42pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP4+ power-on Noise then paper jam

I have an HP 4Plus that made a loud noise (from the back side) when it is powered on (actually, it makes the noise twice during the warm-up process). Then after it warms-up the indicator light says it is ON (OK), but when I tried to print a test page, I get a paper jam (error 13).

I then took top off and cleaned it with a dust spray, then put it back together. Now when I turn it ON, I get the Paper Jam error 13 message from the start even though I haven't tried to print anything and there is nothing jammed.

Any help will be greatly appreciate it.


Take a look at the exit sensor photos on our troubleshooting page. For the noise, remove the fuser assembly (2 screws). Be careful not to break the sensor arm on the top right when you're pulling it out. Check the rotation of the gears. Look inside at the bottom left of the printer and check out the gear that's sticking out. You're looking for broken teeth on it. You can rotate it with your fingers. Let me know, we have parts and videos for it.
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