asked Oct 23, 2000 at 7:44pm
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Intermittent Laserjet IIP 52 Error

Just found this site -- great resource!

My LJ IIP has developed an intermittent 52 error (which seems to be getting more frequent). The unit "spins up" while beginning paper feed; when it's working it stabilizes the speed, and when it's sick it keeps going to a higher and higher pitch (overshoots) before being shut down by the LJ electronics.

Is this the same issue that the "Printer Repair Kit" for IIP 52 errors is trying to fix? I got the impression that kit may be for a failure to spin up at all. If it's not the same, is there some simpler fix than replacing the motor assembly, like cleaning some contacts or sensors?



The way the printer works is the scanner motor has to spin at a fixed rate of speed to image properly. If the dc controller detects any aberration in the speed, low, high or none, it will give you the 52 error. There is no way around a 52 error. The scanner motor replacement fixes it 100\% of the time.
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A follow up from the original poster -- I ordered and installed the IIP scanner motor, and it's fixed the intermittent Error 52.

Installation is straightforward but not easy; many pieces of the printer must be removed to get at the motor inside the print engine. Once there, replacement and reassembly goes quickly. I'll certainly recommend this site when the opportunity arises ...

by Craig on Oct 31, 2000 at 12:09am Add comment