asked Jan 17, 2005 at 9:25am
Hp HP Color Copier 150

HP DJ1050C Plotter

Error message says "cyan printhead failure". Is this a consumer fix or do I have to call a repair service? Also, I looked at parts and some printheads are listed for about $150, others over $1,000, so I'm confused about what part I need.
The prinhead is the cyan cartridgd which sits in the carriage assembly. You have four printheads and they are consumable and very easy to replace. First what I would do is to go the ink menu and scroll down to replace printheads and hit enter. This will move the carriage way to the left so you can access the printheads. I would them release the clip which holds all four printheads and raise the cover. Turn off the plotter from the rear switch or remove the power cord. Remove all four printheads and using a lint free cloth dampened in plain water clean the contacts on the back the the carriage opening which makes contact with the contacts on the printheads themselves. You will get a little or a lot of the color for each printhead. Clean the contacts on the backside of each printhead and you also may want to clean the edges of the bottom of each printhead, but do not clean the center which is the actual printhead which lays down the ink. Cleaning the edges helps prevent banding. Reinsert the printheads, close and lock the cover, close the top cover and turn the plotter on. If the same message comes up, you may actually have to replace the cyan printhead with a new one. As I said they are consumable and are not that expensive. Good Luck. If memory serves me you can also go to the printhead menu and get the statistics of the printhead to include the amount of ink which as passed through it. If it is a lot more than the other printheads I would replace it.
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