asked Nov 6, 2001 at 6:24pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Need Postscript code for Apple

Can anyone help me out?
I have a Personal LaserWriter II NT which has been set to use "space" instead of "none" for the parity setting, when running in the emulation modes. I need to reset this to "none." However, the downloadable pdf version of the manual doesn't contain the table "F-3" to give me the postscript code I need. Has anyone got a copy of this table from the original manual, or can they give me the PS code I need? I want the Position 2 on the settings wheel to give me the standard defaults of LaserJet + emulation at 9600 Baud, N, 8, 1, XON.

Thanks in advance,

David Klein (if anyone can send me an image of the table, my address appears below)

[email protected]