asked Jan 15, 2005 at 7:43am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

13.6 paperjam on HP laserjet 5Si

Hi people,

Since the last days I can't print anymore pages.
I keep still receive the error 13.6 paper jam omn mine printer. It happens all the time. Not even one single page is going well.

I see that the paper stay at the last roller before exit the printer. Do one of you know what the problem is and what repair kits i need from fixyourownprinter.

This error refers to the face down exit assembly which runs from the back of the printer above the fuser to the top of the printer where the paper comes out. If it jams all the time it could mean that the assembly itself has gone bad and they do on occasion and will have to be replaced. They do not sell a kit for this on the site as I have never seen the assembly rebuilt. One thing you can do is to remove the top cover of the printer and inspect the path from the fuser exit to make sure there is no obstruction and also make sure the sensor flag in the path is moving freely. If you do not want to tackle that you could always have the paper come out the side face up exit. You will need to have that grey tray which snaps on the side to hold the paper and also change the menu on the printer to have the paper exit on the side. You will also have to tell your printer driver on the computer to exit to the side. Also if you print large documents you will have to change the order of the printout so that the printer prints from the last page to the first and this way the pages will be order. Good Luck.
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But dmzcompute,

What about the HP laserjet 4/4+/5 Exit Jam repair kit. Is that not an option. Are am I talking here about a total different kit?


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The 5SI is a completly different printer than the HP5. Those kits will NOT work.
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