asked Jan 14, 2005 at 11:55am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

Please Help my printer is on CRACK! HP 5si

I am trying to print a several page Word docuement. However, after pressing print my printer is taking the text from all pages and printing them on a single page. What the Hell is going on and how do I correct this problem???? Please Help
Sounds like you may have a driver or word issue. Lets do a test. Go to lets say and bring up their home page. Next print the page which should be a least two pages and see how it comes out. It will cut off the right side, but do not worry about that we just want to see if it prints two or more pages. If it does you probably have a problem with your word application. See if you can open the same document in Wordpad under the accessories menu and print and if the same thing happens. Let us know.
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I also have an HP 5si that will print a muti page document on one page. It's only happening to one of my users. Her neighbor was able to print the exact same document to the exact same printer from her cpu with no problems. I've tried several things that have not resolved the problem: I changed the network cable to the user's pc, I uninstalled and reilnstalled the printer and drivers on the user's pc. I had her try and print a different type of document with mult. pages (excel spreadsheet) and it printed all on one page. This is totally frustrating me, and I don't know what to try next.
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You can print to file and then send the file to another printer. This will establish if it is the driver or the interpreter in he printer

If it is the driver then...
Make sure that all print jobs are deleted.
Reboot your PC and delete the driver. Also in the printers and faxes folder select FILE > SERVER PROPERTIES. Select the DRIVERS tab and remove the driver completely. You can also delete the registry entries as well to ensure that there is no bad kama left (Kyocera have a utility for this on their web site as I recall).

Now reboot and reinstall your driver and test.
If this does not resolve your issue let me know if you have Postscript on your printer and if you are printing via the network.

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Did anybody check the printer property settings to see if pages per sheet was set to more than one (1)-- that would explain why it only prints multipage for one user as in Amybelle's case.
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