asked Nov 5, 2001 at 5:24pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 660

Epson Stylus Color 660

I have an Epson stylus color 660 that seems to be confused. When turned on the print head moves around like everthing is ok and all of a sudden the belt slips past the print head, other times the print head will slam itself into the side of the case of the printer. Whenever it finishes its malfunction the indicators on the front light up and flash: paper and power flash, both in indicators stay on solid. Any help appreciated, second printer from epson with a similar problem..

thanks, chad

Does it slam into the right or left side?
Have you seen the belt slipping past the
carriage / printhead area?

Could be the carriage guide bar needs a
fresh coat of oil. Is it black and sticky?
If so, wipe off as much as possible and apply
a thin coat of lightweight oil to the bar
and move the carriage back and forth (and move
the blue lever up and down, too, during this

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Thanks Greg, I just cleaned and oiled the guide bar on my Epson Stylus Photo 700. The belt was slipping over the sprocket messing up the printout. It seems to work now.
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