asked Nov 5, 2001 at 2:30pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

LW Select 360 - flashing 'paper out',

I have an issue with a LaswerWriter Select 360.

Shortly after power-up, the 'paper out' light blinks continuously. If I try to send a print job, I get a status message reading "Chisel is fixing a temperature malfunction" (Chisel is the printer's 'name'.)

The light continues to blink, and the print job doesn't print. There *is* paper in the tray.

I tried setting the selector switch on the back to "4" (it was on "0" previously) and cycling the power to see if it would print a test page. No test page printed, flashing 'paper out' light continued.

Here's some other info gathered from the Apple Printer Utility:

ROM Version: 1.0
Total # of pages printed: 34790
PostScript Serial Number: 37719373
RAM: 16 MB
PostScript Level 2 Version 2013.112 PCL 5

I've read that in order for the printer to reach its 'ready state', 9 different items need to be okay. Two of those items are 'laser beam temperature is normal', and 'Fuser roller temperature is acceptable'.

What methods can I use to isolate which of these is throwing the generic 'temperature malfunction' back to the OS? I'm not afraid to disassemble the printer, and I have a multimeter that I can make use of if I know what to look for.

Can anyone tell me which company was the OEM for Apple's printers in the mid 90's?

Can anyone help me?