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Hp HP LaserJet 4100TN

HP LaserJet 4100TN

We're having a problem with this printer. It seems to take the paper from the tray with no problem. When the paper gets almost up to the toner, it just stops and we get a 52.0 error message. I can not press GO to make it work. The only thing I can do is turn the printer off and try again......but it happens everytime. There is no paper jam that I can see, but it stops at the same place every time. Does anyone have any experience with this problem?
A 52 error on a 4100 indicates the laser scanner speed is incorrect.
Reseat the cables to the laser scanner, and if that doesn't cure it, replace the laser scanner assembly.
If you do replace the laser scanner assembly, it is a good idea to also replace the cables to it.

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A well known fault. HP deny it of course, but.........

Paul is spot on with his answer

by Trev Pearson on Jan 7, 2005 at 11:54am Add comment
Remove the top cover and the scanner is the black box with a metal cover in the center. Look at all the cables going to it and pull one at a time out and put it back in. I have never had this error solved by reseating the cables and I have had about 30 of them. Always had to replace the laser/scanner.
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Refer to this link. It shows the laser/scanner assembly. Your confusion is based on the name. In fact lexmark calls them a printhead. Just termenology. A scanner is a device which converts a document into digital data which can then be used in what ever way is needed. A laser/scanner in a printer takes a image constructed by a formatter and writes it to a drum and depending on the printer leads to the eventual laying of toner of the image on media.

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Can someone please tell me how to reseat the cables to the laser scanner?
by Jake on Jan 14, 2005 at 6:49am Add comment
Having problems finding anything out about this printer. It is a LaserJet 4100TN. It does not have a scanner built in. HP tells me that a laser scanner assembly only comes in printers that have a scanner. They also tell us that the 52.0 error should go away if you turn the printer off then turn it back on. This has not fixed the problem. Anyone gotta clue on this?

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Jake go here scroll down to removing internal assemblies. Click on scanner/laser and follow the instructions. This should help. On this site they have put alot of service manuals for our help. Good luck
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Jake, Sorry when you click on this link you have to scroll down first to hp laserjet 4100 then follow to removing internal assemblies.

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Everytime I click the link, it just refreshes the manuals page. I'm trying to prove to my boss that these printers really have laser scanners. I thought that's why they're called "laserjets"?

Jake - Anonymous
HP told you that? All laser printers have laser scanner assemblies. That's how they form an image. I sure hope you didn't have to pay them their $30 fee to get that useless piece of information. I know I would be awfully upset and write a nasty letter to Carly personally, demanding a refund.
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They told my boss this when he tried to order the laser scanner assembly. Then they told him that he needed to talk to tech support. So all laser printers have the laser scanner, even if they are not a scanner?

Just wondering,
Jake - Anonymous
I showed my boss the Part Surfer page, and showed him the Laser/Scanner assembly. The only problem we have is this. How can the laser scanner stop the paper from rolling on up through the top of the printer? It's like the paper stops as soon as get comes in below the toner. How does that have anything to do with the laser scanner, which is located up on top of the printer?

Not trying to be a wiseguy, and not questioning anyone's knowledge.....just wanna make sure that we're spending the $265 on the right part.

Like I said, it's a 52.0 error. Thanks again for all of your help, you all have been a major assistance!!!

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It stops the paper because the unit senses that no image is being transferred to the Toner cartridge from the Laser and therefore on to the paper.

Tell your boss, it's like a car running out of petrol (gas), no gas, car stops. No image from laser, paper stops.

Believe me, we do 6 to 7 4100's every day. The scanner Assy is defective and has to be changed.

PS The new scanner is supplied (in UK) without the metal shutter (and it's spring) at the front of the assy, you have to swap the shutter yourself (very easy).

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Just because the advice you get here is free, doesn't mean it's not any good. In fact, it's a lot better than the advice HP dispenses for $30. Here you get real techs advising you, over the phone you get someone who doesn't even know how to open a printer. They read from a script. Trev is right in his diagnosis. The paper stops at registration which is under the toner cartridge. There it looks for the rotational speed signal from the laser scanner motor. If it doesn't see it, the printer shuts down with the 52 error. HP isn't the only one supplying the scanner assy. $265 is a bit much. If you want one, I can probably save you some money over the cost from HP and cheaper shipping as well. So talk to your boss and tell him you got the best advice on the web and 100\% the part will fix it. Would we lie?
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I definitely respect your site & all the advice I've been getting from y'all. I just don't know that much about it myself, so wasn't sure how to explain it to my superiors.

I have no doubt that you know what you're talking about, in fact I highly appreciate having a resource such as yours to find this help.

Thanks for all the help y'all have offered, and I'm gonna forward this info on to my boss.

Thanks again,
Jake - Anonymous
Wow, it really chewed up your link there, dmz. Umm.. Try again, same way, I think I have it fixed (it was recursing on your anchor tag).
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It sure did. Here it is again.


If it messes up again, try this link:

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I have an HP LaserJet 4100tn that has print fading on the left side. I have changed the fuser, transfer roller and tried a different toner cartridge. I ran the engine test and the print fades also. We use refurbished toner cartridges, so I will buy a genuine HP toner cartridge to see if it makes a difference. If not, could it be the scanner/laser assembly? Thanks.

by rmace on Aug 21, 2007 at 10:26am Add comment
The laser scanner will have faint images. It won't necessarily fade. Sounds to me like the cartridge. If you have an extra printer around try and swap the toner.
by msr976 on Aug 21, 2007 at 10:44am Add comment
Let me clarify my problem a little better. There is faint print on the left side of the documents printed. The rest of the documents print is fine. I just put an original HP toner cartridge and it did not help the situation. Thanks.

Richard - Anonymous
Do a half-stop test. Feed a page from the manual feed tray. When the end just disappears into the printer, open the lid and take out the toner cartridge. Flip it over and open the shutter. Is the image across the drum consistent. If it is, then it is a problem with the charge transfer roller. If not, could be dirty optics in the laser scanner assembly.
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