asked Oct 23, 2000 at 11:28am
Hp HP DeskJet 890C

HP DeskJet 890C - erroneous out-of-paper error

We have two 890C's in our department. About 2-3
weeks ago, both of them started reporting that
they were out of paper when they were not.

Apparently, nothing was done to the printers to
cause the problem. There have been a series of
serious lightning storms here, but I doubt that
did anything (since our other equipment is fine).

I've tried new drivers, different cables,
different paper, reseating the cables, etc.

A nice guy on the newsgroup (CPP) suggested that
I use the "rubber restorer". Will this work? Is
there another solution?


PS: The HP 5L/6L multifeed kits worked
wonderfully. I left a nice note in C.P.P. :)

The only way to tell is to watch the rollers when you give it a feed command. If they are spinning, and paper isn't being fed, then the restorer will fix the problem. If not, the oops (out of paper sensor) arm is visible in the center, just above where the paper feeds out of the printer. Make sure the arm moves freely by poking it.
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Hey Moe,today I'm facing the same problem with a 695 V.110. After having read your advice I got a testpage printed, after having charged the paper in a thick file in order to get the little white arm move. Now my question - am I right that the white arm is the sensor you are talking about? And is it ok that I get it only moving by charging a THICK pile of paper - since the manual talks of a max. pile of one centimeter?But I'm glad I got the thing working with your advice.Jost
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The oops sensor is above and behind the carriage assembly. A black flag hangs down in the paper path and when the paper hits it, it blocks the light to an optical sensor. It could either be the flag out of position. I once had one where an insect had spun a web under the counterweight and lifted it just enough to block the beam. The other cause would be the paper not coming out of the tray. You'd have to watch the paper movement. If it doesn't get to the sensor lever in the alloted time, it will give you an out of paper message.
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I've checked all of those mentioned above without attaining any success. What else could I do in order to correct the yellow blinking resume light?
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