asked Nov 3, 2001 at 3:52am
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Apple Laserwriter 630

2 questions:

1. I have an Apple LW Pro 630 which I updated to 32MB of ram from the original 8MB. Other postings on the board suggest that I should now have enough memory to run the Photograde enhancement at 600DPI but the print driver I'm using doesn't allow this option - it will only allow it at 300DPI. (I have tried both the built-in Win ME driver as well as one downloaded from the adobe site.) Is there a different driver that will allow me to do this?

2. Using the parallel port on this printer is VERY slow - data only transfers at a couple of KB per second which can make a complex document take 5 or 10 minutes to transfer over to the printer. Would it be worth my while (and money) to pick up an Apple AAUI to RJ45 ethernet adapter and hook it up that way? Will it be significantly faster?

Thanks to all!