asked Nov 2, 2001 at 1:50pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

Epson 3000 won't network

I have a Epson 3000 that was working fine on a Mac ethernet network.
I moved my office and now I can't seem to print as I get an error that the "printer can't be found".
The only change that I have incoporated from my old set up is a different network hub (Asante to Linksey's). I have checked the cable by swapping it with another printer on the network and it works fine. I have noticed both lights on the back of the printer on the Ethernet interface card within the Epson are blinking alternately...that probably means something terrible (Osama at my door?), but the manuals are useless and give no clue as to what that means.I am probably missing something really simple....
Anybody have any words of wisdom?
Thanks in advance
Well, nobody responded to my urgent request for help...so I persevered and solved my own problem! Communication with Epson support was worthless. Nice people, but all too often they have no answers. The solution to this was that I had purchased a new 10/100T hub to network my components. As it turns out, the Epson interface card that came with the printer does NOT communicate with this newer type of hub. It works only with the older 10T hubs. I fortunately, was able to find an older hub and upon connection, my problem was solved.
Maybe I should go get a job with Epson...
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I have exactly the same problem with much the same background but I have a srong feeling that the hub (Netgear FS108 switch) was in use before. Do you know what the precise technical requirement is, so I can look out for an option which i can, I hope, plug into the switch. I tried using a direct connection with a patch cable to the C82357 card but no joy. In the interval we changed all computers on the network to newer post serial Macs and all with OSX. Drew
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