asked Oct 31, 2001 at 7:52pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP4 "Enter" button / top cover

I just bought an extra HP4 plus laserjet (didn't really need it but just couldn't pass up the price) that works just fine. Except - when I go to the "test menu" and press "enter" nothing happens - no printout. I suspect the "enter" button isn't making contact?? Is it possible to clean the contacts on the control panel keys, or do I need to pick up a used module?

Also, the front top opening cover (opening in to the toner cartridge area), has a partially broken hinge. Do you have any used covers for sale for this unit?
Are you actually selecting an option from the test menu like self test? If you hit enter when it says test menu, you won't get anything. I don't have any spare covers, but it really doesn't hurt anything if the hinge is broke. You can't tell when it's closed.
by moe on Nov 1, 2001 at 6:31pm Add comment
I removed the top cover of the printer, unplugged the control panel and cleaned the contacts with a tiny brush. Then re-attached everything and the self test works fine now.

Found a cover from an individual that's parting out his HP 4, but thanks for looking. I've appreciated your help quite a bit along the way (especially on the pca board for my HP series II).

Thanks again..
by unknown on Nov 2, 2001 at 8:18am Add comment
Strangely enough, I had one yesterday with no display. When I pulled the top cover up, the plug was just laying there disconnected. Must have come loose during the last earthquake!
by moe on Nov 2, 2001 at 8:48am Add comment