asked Dec 12, 2004 at 5:00pm
Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

HP IIIP laser printer

Paper jams up when it gets to the first roller, however, it only does this with certain toner cartridges. I can put in an cartridge that has no toner in and the paper feeds thru with no problem, however when I instal a cartridge that has toner in it, not an HP cartridge, the paper jams.
This is obviously a cartridge problem. All I can suggest is you stop using the cartridges that cause the problem.
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Sounds like the large gear on the drum is loose. You can glue it back in with super glue. Just make sure that you don't put glue on the gear where the copper contacts are. If the gear is loose, then paper will jam as the drum is not turning, causing the paper to jam.
Sue O
by unknown on Dec 12, 2004 at 8:34pm Add comment
The clutch on the assemvly that drives the drum may be failing. (Drum Drive Assembly)
This is a normal problem on HP IIp and HP IIIp
It can be replaced in about 10 minutes.
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If you're only having problems with one particular toner cartridge, it's probably the guide teeth on the cartridge. There are little "nubs" that stick down on the surface of the cartridge below the drum to guide the paper up in front of the cartridge and prevent it going behind the cartridge. If these nubs or teeth get broken off the paper will hit the rough surface left behind and cause jamming. Otherwise I'd look at the drum drive ass'y Larry mentioned.
Good Luck.
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If the problem is the drum drive, then paper would jam no matter which cartridge was used. In 15 years, I have had many, many large gears come loose on the toner cartridge which causes paper to jam. Easy way to check. Hold the cartridge with the shutter up, facing you. Pull the shutter back, hold the finer toothed gear with your left thumb and turn the larger toothed gear away from you with your right thumb. If the gear spins without rotating the drum, then the gear is loose. They are simply spot glued in the drum originally. Remove the drum, twist out the large toothed gear and simply spot glue it back in taking care not to put glue on the copper contacts.
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