asked Oct 31, 2001 at 6:55pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson 600

I have the printer and as far as I know you can not use a half full cartridge removed and use it again
(at least that is what the manual says). Well I did that and not only that cartridge doesn't work th
e printer doesn't work either ( I don't think there are other reasons why the printer failed).
I can turn it on and move the cartridges into position but the 'empty cartridge ' light stays on and
nothing else is possible. I ve checked the connections and they are fine. What could be wrong??
Whenever I have to pull a cartridge on an Epson, I initiate a cleaning test and pull the power plug. Then when you remove the cartridge, the printer has no idea you've done so.
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What happens if you leave the cartridge out
and turn the printer on? It should wait for
a new cartridge. At that point, put in the
cartridge and let it do a cleaning cycle.
It will think the cartridge is new, so you'll
run out of ink long before it thinks you're
getting low. That's how Epsons work long
after the 600 was made. I've worked on a
lot of Epsons, but never a 600, so I'm just
guessing here.
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There is no circuitry on an Epson 600 cartridge so the printer has no way of telling if there is a cartridge in or not.
Press and hold the cleaning button until the head parks in the middle. Lift the cartridge clamp and make sure you push it right back, close it down again and press the button to complete the cycle. The printer will think the cartridge is new, so when the ink starts to get faint, replace the cartridge or you will burn the printheads out.
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