asked Dec 11, 2004 at 12:27pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Dried Ink

So far until today, I've had good luck being a cheapskate with expired genuine Epson ink cartridges up to a year past the use before date. Today though, I tried two black ink cartridges that have a use before 7/2004 date and no black ink comes out of it. The black ink light is not illuminated on my Epson Stylus Color 600 printer and I used the cleaning feature 2 times and still no black ink coming out. I wonder why the black ink light doesn't come on? Is the ink most likely dried up? Will running the cleaning cycle 10 times help? What has been your luck with expired ink cartridges?
I just wanted to add that when I press down on the black cartridges, ink rises to the top and spills over. So it doesn't appear to be dry, but it's not coming out somehow when printing. Anyone know what's going on? I finally bought a non expired black ink cartridge and ink rose up to the top of it too, but it worked well.
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Moby: As that non-expired ink cartridge worked ok, then I can only guess that its probably actual bad ink cartridges, thts causing the problem. SOME THINGS TO CHECK & TRY: Be sure that the top "air hole" is not clogged, or air cannot get in & of course ink cannot get out. Be sure that the bottom seal is actually getting punctured, by those small plastic stems or posts, that are standing up inside the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly, or ink cannot get out. Some people have reported that if you place the previously installed ink cartridge [bottom seal puctured], into a Zip-Lock Baggie, with the punctured seal facing down and then spin the cartridge around, that the centrifical force will cause the ink to start to flow out of that bottom opening [basically start to leak]. Once the ink starts to flow out/leak out, it may then start to work in the printer. I would suggest that you use two Zip-Lock Baggies, just in case of possible leakage and be sure both bags are fully sealed. Other people have reported success by placing the opened end onto wet paper towels, which seems to cause the ink to start flowing again, thru a sort of wicking type of process. With either method, the problem is that the Internal Air Pressure escaped, when the cartridge was removed from the actual Print Cartridge Holder Assembly. All new Epson Ink Cartridges are sealed and there is pressure put in them at the factory. When you install a new ink cartridge, that internal air pressure is what causes any air that got into the nozzles [such as when you removed the old ink cartridge] to be pushed out of the nozzles and primes the nozzles with fresh ink. If you reinstall the origional cartridge that you removed, it not only has already lost its internal air pressure, but now there is air inside of the actual printhead nozzles. That air starts to dry out any remaining ink inside of the nozzles and that normally results in clogging. Thats why Epson says to always install a New Epson Ink Cartridge, anytime you remove any ink cartridge, even if its full of ink. If the old cartridge was out of the printhead holder assembly for more than 30 minutes, the nozzle may have already started to clog. If you choose to just reinstall an old Epson Ink Cartridge, with no pressure inside it will also be difficult to get the ink to start flowing again. You may have to run 6 to 10 sets of "Printhead Cleaning Cycles" and "Nozzle Tests", to actually be able to get the ink to start flowing correctly again. Running a lot of "PRINTHEAD CLEANING CYCLES" and "NOZZLE TESTS" can use up the ink inside the cartridges. On some models, you could install a NEW CARTRIDGE and run between 10-15 cleaning cycles and tests and its possible to empty the new cartridge. Also the color inks run out faster, because theres far less of each color inside the actual ink cartridge [usually at least three colors share the same ink cartridge], compared to the black ink cartridge. If running those sets of tests, does not actually work, then I can only assume that the actual ink cartridges are bad...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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