asked Dec 8, 2004 at 10:14am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP 5Si jam?


I have a HP Laserjet 5Si that is giving me a 13.1 jam from trays 2/3, and a 13.2 if I try to use tray 1 (mp tray). I looked at all the rollers and they look practically new, with fresh texture on all. There is a little access door above tray 2 where I can see that the printer will go ahead and "lift" the paper in the tray. When it starts to print a job the black "pickup" roller will rotate and grab but the 2 "feed/separation" rollers will no move at all.

I'm wondering if I need to check if there is a foreign object in a sensor or if some sort of motor is gone. I do not get any errors other than the 13.1, though. Can someone help with suggestions and also point me to where the sensors are that I need to check?

If there was a foreign object in a senor you would be getting an error when you powered up the printer.

You may have multiple problems, a bad mp input asm, (tray 1), and a bad PIU, (trays 2 & 3).

One thing is puzzling me, the black roller is driven by one of the blue rollers, so it can't be turning unless the blue rollers are also turning.
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Thanks for the reply...you know, it turned out to be a bad DC Controller board. Yes, I figured that if there were a foreign object in a sensor I would never get a "ready" status from the printer. I was thinking that the same motor turns all rollers in the pickup assembly, and it would be too coincidental that the torque limiters on *both* trays would be bad, so I took a good "guess" that it had to be the DC controller. Go figure.

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Now if you have time to play or just want to investigate, put the old dc controller back in and see if it works. Many time it is one of the connections to the board loses contact over time and just removing and reseating the contacts will take care of the problem. It usually works about 25\% of the time. Your board may indeed be bad, but then again?
by dmzcompute on Dec 11, 2004 at 9:00am Add comment