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Epson 900

Epson 900 Printer: has anyone experienced the following?
After turning on the Epson 900 it will start through its startup
cycle and then it might shut down. Sometimes, in 10 to 15
minutes, it may power up (on it's own) and run through some type
of configuration cycle; then it stays on. Sometimes, during its
startup cycle, all three red lights will come on for a second
then go out. I don't recall this happening when the printer was new.

Any suggestions appreciated,

There's a squirrely thing going on with the
900's. It is caused by a cable that wasn't
built to spec. So, try this first...if it
doesn't fix it, at least temporarily, you
should send it in and explain the problem.
If the tech knows what they're doing, they'll
know to replace that cable. The replacements
are fine; it was the batch that was put into
the new 900's that were the problem.

UNPLUG the printer first.

Anyway, remove the cover: two screws in the
top of the back of the cover, and three up
front (one very close to the printhead
cartridge). It's also easiest to remove the
back panel (four screws).

As you face the back of the printer, look
for a flat white cable that runs from a small
board (with lots of cables connection to it)
at the left side to a point down inside the
printer. Unplug that cable from the small
board and reseat it. That's the only thing
you can do to get it to reseat. Like I
said earlier, if that doesn't fix it, it's
time for a trip to the shop. Chances are,
that's the problem and they have cables that
were made correctly that will be used to
replace the other cable.

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