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TI Microlaser Pro 600

I have a TI microLaser Pro 600 that keeps giving me a "image cart empty" message. I have tried resetting the counter and cleaning the contacts for the cartridge with no luck. I have tried replacing the image cartridge 3 times. All three of the image cartridges were original TI. I am an electrical engineer and design DSP and microprocessor based systems so I don’t think this should be too complicated for me if I can get the proper guidance. Any suggestions would be appreciated
By resetting the counter, do you mean that you followed the reset procedure on our page? If so, then you probably have a problem with the controller board. That printer is particularly hard to disassemble, you almost need 3 hands.
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Please forgive my freedom to post in such old topic. But just, historically speaking, whose engine did TI used for this printer? Was it Canon’s or really "in house" made from TI? Also, what was the quality of print compared to HP LaserJets from the same date? Was there any innovative in this printer?

Just found very interesting adverts :

and this made me curios. Very elegant design as well.
- Mike8FPGA
Yes I followed the reset procedure and it worked for about 20 pages before displaying "image cart empty" again. Do you sell the controller board? If so what is the cost? I think I can handle disassembling and reassembling the printer if I can get the proper parts.
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You'd have to get it from Genicom. Probably cheaper to buy a new printer.
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Ooh too bad, I like the printer. Is there anywhere I might find used parts? Have you seen this problem before where the unit will accept a reset and then print for a while before displaying "image cart empty" again?
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there is yet another secret procedure at: did fix the repl img cart errorfor me
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Had the above problem and this procedure fixed it:found using google on PROCEDURE for ERRONEOUS REPL IMAGER MESSAGE ON MICROLASER PRO SERIES:MLPro600/ProE/PowerPro/Pro-/Pro-12Resolving Action: The following procedure must be performed whenever the toner cartridge is replaced.1. Turn power off to the printer, then turn power back on while holding the up and select keys pressed. <PCU DIAG MODE X> will be displayed.2. Press select until <NV RAM INITIAL>. Place sheet of paper in manual feed slot and press form feed. Printer should beep.3. Press the select key to display <COUNTER SET>.4. Press the up key twice to display <DEV XXXXX>.5. Press the select key until <TNL XXX> is displayed. Press the next arrow key until the number "143" is displayed.6. Press the up key. <COUNTER SET> will be displayed.7. Insert a sheet of paper into the manual feed slot. Press the FORM FEED key. The printer will beep.8. Power printer off, then back on. The error should be gone.
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This worked nicely for me.... THANKS (big time!) - Anonymous
okay 8 years ago, but this the straight tip still works. I bought an used Ti microlaser Pro 600 2013 with an error. I didn't believe this strange procedure can be right, but it is, now is a printing device ;-). thank you Wolf and Greetings from Berlin, Germany - unknown
I posted this late but hopefully will help someone later on.
If you go through the reset procedure and still are having
problems with this then the toner motor is bad. jk
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I think I experienced this problem series.

Printer printed when I put it away for a year or so.

Brought it out, "REPL IMAGE CART".

Cleared that using the procedure on fastprinters, now
it's saying "Main Motor Err".

The printer SOUNDS sort of normal, I can here things turning
and moving when turned on.

There is a repetitive scrape though, but it may have always
been there. It's not loud, but it's kind of a scrape that sounds
like it happens with each turn of... something.

Is there a clutch or something that could be slipping because
something is jammed?
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It could be the toner/developer unit binding and causing the error. It could be a bad main motor.
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Do you have a simple checkout procedure?

The unit worked when I put it away, and also cranked
one page through without problems right at the start of
trying to work on it.

I plugged it in, and was setting up the PC and printing a test
page when it pushed through an empty page, then flashed
the "Image cart empty". Clearing that gave me the
"bad main motor".

I guess anything is possible but the motor worked at
least once yesterday.

The printer went through a move, and may have been jostled or
stored on it's side or other things that may not be
the best for some of the inner bits.
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I checked out their procedure, ours is better. There really isn't any way to test it out. You can pull out the toner/developer and try turning the gears. We had one jammed yesterday, but it mad horrible crunching noises. The gears wouldn't turn at all.
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Ok, when I lift the hood, I first remove the part that has
the green drum on it. I beleive that part is called
the OPC?

Then I lift out the other part, that has the handle. Is
this part the "toner/developer"?

I was able to turn the gears fairly easily either way. One way
made a bit of a mess, as the exposed "toner bar" started getting very
full of toner.

Now if I power it up, it's back to "Repl Image cart", and clearing
that using the fancy method brings me back to main
motor err.

I'm sort of torn on how deep it's worth going into trying
to fix this thing.

Is there a way to describe how easy it should be
to turn the gears on the developer?

If they are ok, is it time for the "strip and clean"? Any idea how
long that will take me, and how messy it might get? ;>

Thanks for all.
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Where could I find the latest driver for a TI Microlaser Pro 600.
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Is there some secret procedure to fix the "Optical Sys Err" message at start-up? I replaced the OPC and still get the same message. Any help appreciated.
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Optical System Error would be referring to the laser scanner assy. on top of the printer. Surprised to see one of those still being used.
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Thank you, more, for your reply! The TI Microlaser Pro 600 was a perfect fit for me. It's capabilities, two paper drawers, and small footprint were a good fit for the small business man. It has produced professional text documents for me since 1994 and I really want to find a fix for it. However, a problem with the laser scanner assembly sounds serious. My search has produced no technical information on this problem. - TI Lover
It was a Sharp engine.
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Very interesting

thank you Moe
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