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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson Stylus Color 600 Won't Print NO Error Messag

My epson stylus color 600 wont print. It goes through the motions and has no error messages but wont print. I have tried all the tips I can possible find ie:
Re-installing latest software.
Print direct to printer instead of spooling. (when i did this i got a message to say it was out of paper)

So if anyone out there can help I would be most grateful.
Carolyn: When you say "My epson stylus color 600 won't print": Thers's a couple of possibilities as to what you mean. #1: You could mean that your printer goes thru all the normal motions of printing, but the paper comes out blank, or with little or no actual ink showing on it. IN THAT CASE: Its possible that you have failing or empty ink cartridges, a possible Hardware/Parts Failure, or even possible clogged Printheads. Let me no if that is the actual problem and I'll send you some additional information, that might help...#2: You could mean that your printer is actually at a normal READY CONDITION, with a solid Green Power Light on, but never actually starts doing a print job thats sent to it. IN THAT CASE: Its possible that your Printer Cable is not fully attached at the printer, or at the computer. Simply remove and reconnect each end, to make sure that both connections are snug and tight. Its also possible that your Printer Cable is actually failing and no DATA [communication] is actually getting to your printer. Try a new Printer Cable, as a test. It sounds like you already went on-line to Epson Company and downloaded the newest Printer Drivers, because you said that you tried "Re-installing latest software". If its not corrupted Printer Drivers, or a failing Printer Cable, then that only leaves a possible problem in either your printer or in your computer system. I don't actually work on computer related problems, but there is a STAND ALONE PRINTER TEST that you can try. That test will usually isolate the possible problem to either your printer, or your computer system. On most Epson Printers you can usually run an "Internal Epson Self-Test Page" to determine whether a problem comes from the printer itself or possibly from your Computer System. Of course if there are actually any Red Error Lights/Leds, already showing on your printer, that would indicate that there is already a problem in your printer. Not all Epson Printers are always the same, but the following information applies to most models. If this self-test does not actually work on your particular printer, then you should refer to your "User's Manual/Owners Manual" for the correct procedure on how to run your printers self-test page. First unhook/unplug the printer cable from the back or side of the printer. Leave the power cord still plugged in to the wall and leave the paper loaded, as normal. Turn the printer off for 10 seconds or so, to clear out any remaining DATA or Information that may still have been in the printers system, from when the computer was previously connected. Normally [on most models] you turn the printer off and then you simply reach over and hold-in on the Paper Button, while you reach over and turn the Power Button back on, as normal. Continue to hold in on the paper button for about 3 to 5 seconds, but release the power button after turning your printer on. Release the paper button once you can hear and see the printer starting to initialize and start to pull-in a piece of paper. The printer will normally print out the Internal Epson Self-Test Copy, which will also have a Nozzle Test on it. If that test fails, or cannot actually be ran because the "Red Error Lights" come on, then you know that there is an actual problem in the printer. Depending on the combination of which lights are on SOLID, or FLASHING or OFF, will actually indicate the possible Service Error Condition. ON THE OTHER HAND: If everything is working correctly in the printers Paper Feed Assembly, Carriage Assembly/Cartridge Assembly and the Printhead Assembly, then the self-test copy should be printed out and correctly fed thru the printer. If the self-test page prints out correctly and the nozzle test looks ok, then that indicates that your printer thinks it is working normally [as far as the self-test goes]. This does not mean your printer may not be dirty, or have another service related problem, or possibly even nearly empty ink cartridges. If your printer is working ok, then your problem could be in your Computer System/PC: bad drivers, bad printer cable, bad software, incorrect internal PC settings, possible hardware/parts problems, possible virus, etc...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Carolyn...If the printers "Internal Self-Test Page" prints out normally, with no Error Lights or other problems, then: #3 You could take your Printer & Printer Cable and install it on a different Computer System, [like a friends]. Then download the correct Printer Drivers fron epson.com and then simply try running a couple of printing jobs, to see if your printer works ok on a different computer system. If it does, then at least you would know that its probably a problem in your actual computer system. Then you may need help from an actual Computer Technician/Person, rather than a Printer Technician, on this PRINTER REPAIR SITE...Again, Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Denny thanks for all that.......I justm tried the epson self test and it worked. it printed and test pattern at the top!
http://fixyourownprinter.com/iu.gif It is such a relief to know that the test works cos it means that it isnt the printer which eliminates that doubt.
The printer doesnt take the paper thru unless I press the paper feed button...and it does clean itself when I press the clean button and when it turns on.
So my next step will be to get a new cable and give that a go.
I appreciate your help Denny! Very enlightening
Carolyn http://fixyourownprinter.com/ix.gif
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My Epson Color Stylus 660 has suddenly started pulling the paper crooked. I've opened a new ream of paper, cleaned printer heads & realigned. I note that ever so often the color cartridge carriage makes a loud sound when it moves to the left. Is this something that can be fixed or have the paper sensors gone out?
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Sharon: Normally, that would indicate two different problems and may not even be related...THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF PAPER FEEDING IN CROOKED/SKEWED: It's possible that the paper may be running into a foreign object and not feeding in at all. A foreign object could also cause the paper to stall, or even feed-in crooked. Remove all the paper and use a flashlight to look carefully into the paper feed-in area. Look for a pen, pencil, push pin, paper clip, candy, etc. If you can't see anything, then actually pick your printer up and turn it so the paper opening is facing down and shake it a little, side to side. Your trying to dislodge anything that might be stuck in the paper entrance area. If nothing falls out, then turn it back over and use the flashlight to once again look inside that area. Sometimes you'll see an object that may have moved over into view while you were shaking the printer. Any foreign object might block the paper from actually being able to move forward, so then the printer thinks there is no paper installed. You may have to even remove the Top Cover to be able to get a better view of that paper feed area. Unfortunatly, just removing that cover is not always that easy, especially on the newer Epson Printers. You may need a Service Manual for reference, disassembly and troubleshooting. I have not checked, but you can normally find Service Manuals and or Service Adjustment Programs/Resets for most printers, at www.2manuals.com (most Service Manuals can usually be downloaded for around $10 /- ). If that source is not available, then I would recommend that you go to the "Compass Micro Inc" web-site, at http://www.compassmicro.com/parts_select.cfm and check with them directly, to see if they have a Service Manual or Reset Procedure available yet for your printer. Several people have posted that they have manuals available for the newer printers, that are not actually available from other normal sources. Even if there is not a foreign object stuck in that area, with the top cover off, you might just possibly see what the problem is and even be able to correct it.....AS FAR AS THAT CARRIAGE NOISE: Although it's possible your printer has an electronic or mechanical failure, the most common problem is that the Carriage Assembly is simply DIRTY and or DRY, causing it to stick and make noises. That usually results in the printer loosing track of just where the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly is actually at and that can cause the Error Light/Led to come on. Sometimes when the printer looses track of where that assembly is at, it then keeps telling that assembly to keep moving and can even cause it to slam into the end of the printer. Try wiping off all around the round metal carriage bar or shaft [that the Print Cartridge Holder assembly moves back-n-forth on], with a lint free cloth. Also clean the outside of the metal bushings with Q-Tips, that the carriage bar passes thru, on both sides of the cartridge holder assembly. You can also use alcohol on the cloth, if there is a lot of build-up on the carriage shaft/bar. Then lube the metal bar on both sides of the holder assembly, slightly with a precision oiler, not a spray lubrication. A drop or two of a Teflon based lubrication or Tri-Flo lube is best. Manually slide the holder assembly back and forth to spread out the lubrication and wipe of any excess lube or blackish build-up that appears on the bar. Look for an e-mail message from me with more in-depth information, that might help you in that area. You can check out this link, supplied by WES, to see different lubrications: http://www.epsonhelp.web1000.com/oil.html ...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Thanks so much for all the detailed information and advice. My husband commented "now if we could only print them." Where computers and their peripherals are concerned keeping one's sense of humor regardless of outcome is always best, I say.

I'll let you know how it goes once we've had the opportunity to put your suggestions to work.

Our biggest drawback is we've never looked at the carriage assembly closely so do not know what we're looking for or for that matter if anything is amiss. Hopefully with your e-mails we'll get our printer back on line soon.
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Sharon: You're welcome. You can always forward the e-mails that I sent to you, to a friend who has a printer, or even possibly to your work and then print them out for reference...There is an "Epson Stylus 400,440,640,660,740 Printer Information Page" that is available to view at http://epsonhelp.freehttp.com/440.html . That may be of some help to you, to use as reference on your "600" model, which is very simular. There is also a "Carriage Guide Shaft Maintenance" reference page, available to view, at http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/glide.html , that may also help...Again, Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Can anyone help?
My printer goes through all of the motions but fails to leave a mark on the paper.I have replaced both black and colour ink,used the head cleaning utility 10 times plus,all with no avail,do`es anyone have a sugestion?
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Andy: It's possible that you may even have an actual HARDWARE/PARTS PROBLEM [failing Printhead Assembly or Main Board Assembly], but normally the most common problem is clogging of the Printhead Nozzles. You might want to try using the Epson Stylus Head Cleaning Solution, available through the Home Page on "fixyourownprinter.com", at http://fixyourownprinter.com/ , but it will only help, if there is an actual clogged Printhead Assembly. When it opens, click-on Epson, under PRINTER REPAIR KITS. Then click-on "Epson Stylus Head Cleaning Solution" and that page should then open correctly. The Epson Solution sells for around $10.00 plus shipping. It includes a syringe and some Epson Printhead Cleaning Solution, which is designed to dissolve most clogs, especially if you were using Epson inks. This is the same chemical used by Epson in their service department. You can try it if you want to and see if you can get the printhead nozzles to open up again, but that will only help if they are actually clogged. It was basically designed by Epson Company for use on their older models of ink jet printers, but people have been using it on the newer models, with success reported. IF YOU DECIDE TO, TRY THE "EPSON STYLUS HEAD CLEANING SOLUTION", JUST REMEMBER: The "nozzles" inside the printhead assembly can be easily damaged by using to much force on the plunger of the syringe. Damage can even occur when you are using the Epson Stylus Head Cleaning Solution method, if you actually try to force the fluid thru the nozzle. To much force/pressure can damage the little tubes inside the Nozzle Assembly and then it will never work again. One individual printhead nozzle is so tiny, that it will not accept a human hair. You can see why they can get clogged so easily, or even why the nozzles can be so easily damaged. The correct method is to use the syringe to add the fluid into the nozzle and then leave the fluids set inside the nozzle for a day or two, to try and dissolve a possible bad clog. Sometimes you might have to use the fluids several times to be able to dissolve the clog in the printhead nozzles. Sometimes the clog will never dissolve, or it actually damages the nozzles. The longer the clog has been in, the worse it is to remove. Again, if the cleaning fluids don't help, then its generally time to invest in a new printer. In some more expensive printers, you may want to get an estimate to replace the printhead assembly, but as a general rule, its not really economical to do in the smaller Epson Ink Jet style printers. You can generally buy a new small printer cheaper than you can have your old one repaired for. EXAMPLE: The printhead assembly in the "C80" Printer sells for around $120 to $130. There is a REVIEW of the Printhead Cleaning Solution kit, available to view at http://www.inkjetprinterhelp.us/EKR.html ...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Is it worth it to attempt to buy the head-cleaning liquid when you're not sure if that's the issue? My printer goes through all the motions of printing, but prints blank pages, with the exception of a word or two every once in a while (isn't that weird0?

Any ideas?

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Also, i hadn't used the printer for almost a year....could that cause trouble like this?
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If you getting some output then the cleaning solution is worth a try. It won't unclog instantly, you are gointg to have to use a few applications to get the print head to clear up. You can order the regular or the plus kit. both will work with your printer.

I hope this helps,

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