asked Nov 30, 2004 at 4:26pm
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Hey all i have a minor prob with my printer. The print quality and everything is fine however, when trying to print out instead of the grey to white scale i get pinks. Its not been a major problem really but i wanted to print some pics of my g/f and the pink makes it look stupid >.< Its not the cartridge as its been like this for a while, cant really remember when it started but ive used 5/6 cartiges the last few weeks. help would be appreciated :)
Chris: You need to run an "Internal Epson Self-Test Page", directly from your printer and let us know how the Nozzle Test on that page turns out. We need to know if all the black & color nozzles are open and firing, or if some are missing. First unhook/unplug the printer cable from the back or side of the printer. Leave the power cord still plugged in to the wall and leave the paper loaded, as normal. Turn the printer off for 10 seconds or so, to clear out any remaining DATA or Information that may still have been in the printers system, from when the computer was previously connected. Normally [on most models] you turn the printer off and then you simply reach over and hold-in on the Paper Button, while you reach over and turn the Power Button back on, as normal. Continue to hold in on the paper button for about 3 to 5 seconds, but release the power button after turning your printer on. Release the paper button once you can hear and see the printer starting to initialize and start to pull-in a piece of paper. The printer will normally print out the Internal Epson Self-Test Copy, which will also have a Nozzle Test on it. If that test fails, or cannot actually be ran because the "Red Error Lights" come on, then you know that there is an actual problem in the printer. Depending on the combination of which lights are on SOLID, or FLASHING or OFF, will actually indicate the possible Service Error Condition. ON THE OTHER HAND: If everything is working correctly in the printers Paper Feed Assembly, Carriage Assembly/Cartridge Assembly and the Printhead Assembly, then the self-test copy should be printed out and correctly fed thru the printer. If the self-test page prints out correctly and the nozzle test looks ok, then that indicates that your printer thinks it is working normally [as far as the self-test goes]. This does not mean your printer may not be dirty, or have another service related problem, or possibly even nearly empty ink cartridges. If your printer is working ok, then your problem could be in your Computer System/PC: bad drivers, bad printer cable, bad software, incorrect internal PC settings, possible hardware/parts problems, possible virus, etc. If that self-test page looks ok, then I would suggest you delete your printer off your Computer System and then go on-line to Epson Company and download the newest Printer Drivers. As your printer model is not listed on the Epson USA web-site, try loading the latest available Printer Drivers, directly from the EPSON UK web-site, at . You should delete your old drivers first and then click-on that web-site and enter your printers model and your operating system. Then read the information and follow the prompts, to download the latest available drivers from that Epson web-site. As drivers are FREE, I usually recommend trying those first if you have a possible communication problem/driver problem. Bad or corrupted drivers can cause many problems. ...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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