asked Nov 30, 2004 at 6:31am
Hp HP DeskJet 600

DesignJet 600 Print Carriage Noises

We have a hp design jet 600 that makes a nasty clunking noise as the print carriage runs back and forth and cannot isolate the problem, has anyone seen or heard or experienced this before. It sounds like a train running down the tracks.
I have no Exp with this model, however perhaps it carries common design flaws

In DeskJet series printers there is a tention spring to keep the carriage drive belt tight. Over time these springs weaken.. and then when the printhead takes off, a slack will develop in the belt causing it to slip on the drive motor. (cause of noise) .. I'd describe this as a knocking noise... check the belt tention and see how strong it is.
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The belt on those old 600 designjet printers hardly every goes bad as it was real heavy duty. One thing you may want to check is the lubrication on the main rod the carriage assembly moves. Over time it loses the lubrication and the carriage assembly has a hard time moving and makes noise. You want to use a very light machine oil (I usually place a straight bead along the rod and with the power off move the carriage assembly back and forth to work it in. You can also use the same technique to diagnose the clunking noise by having the power off and moving the carriage assembly by hand back and forth. Another thing to look at is the motor shaft and the pulley on the left. Sometimes over time parts of the belt material stick to the grooves causing a uneven belt movement from side to side like bumps as the belt hits the material. I have noticed this many times with the 400 series and in fact have to remove the excess belt material from these item every time I change the belt. Keep in mind the 600 series belt was much more heavy duty so I do not know if the same is happening there.
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If you look inside you can see the main belt that drives the carriage, at each end there is a pulley. The pulley develops a build up of dirt, and it needs to be cleaned off. The pulley has grooves in it, which help keep the belt on, these grooves are the main culprit, a torch will help shed more light on this.
I normally hold the carriage in one hand and move the carriage left and right which will turn the pulley for you.

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hi i am having some trouble with my Design Jet 600 Plotter it is giving me a front panel error out of media, but it has media in it. I tried reloading the paper twice. can anyone assist me with this issue?

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