asked Aug 29, 2000 at 4:42pm
Hp HP DeskJet 600C

Any way to test a HP 600C

I have a client that has an older HP Deskjet 600C that no longer seems to work. Basically printer timeout occurs and the computer and printer cable has been eliminated. I have done the print directly to printer method and tried to increase the timeout in windows 98. So I told the client well it looks like the printer is fubar. Im thinking something is wrong with the port on the printer or the logic board. Was really just wondering if there was anything I could to show the client because she is doing the " It was working fine last week so you must be doing something wrong " typical end user excuse.

Printer does indeed turn on. Blinks when I take out all the paper carriage does it swing to the middle thing when I open the door. Just refuses to recieve and acknowledge anything from any computer.

Any suggustions ?

You can do a self test by holding the top button down for a few seconds. I very rarely see communication problems on deskjets. I'll have to concur that it probably is a logic board and given current prices of deskjets it's probably fubar. Word of warning, the new cheap HPs use expensive 19ml ink cartridges that cost more than the 41ml ink cartridges their more expensive brothers use. The 932C at about $200 is the best value for the money.
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