asked Nov 23, 2004 at 8:22am
Hp HP Color Copier 150

HP4050 41.3 error

I have a Hp 4050 that is getting 41.3 error unexpected paper size....the settings appear to be set right so I am sure I need to replace something and would appreciate any help you could give...I am also looking for a vendor to get HP parts from when needed...I look after approx. 150 HP laser jets of all models...thanks
Check out The PCA board for the effected paper tray. Although you set the setting in control panel for the right size, there are 3 metal pins that get pushed in when you put in the tray that tells the printer what size paper tray you have. If one of those metal pins gets bent or one of the buttons the pins push stops working, it can cause the printer to think there is a different paper tray installed. look inside on the right side and you will see whati am talking about. To get this piece out you need to release 2 clips on the black cover plate. once that plate is off unplug the 3 connectors, and release the one tab and it will come out. If no visible dammage is done to the metal pins then check that the microswitches on the PCA are fuctioning by doing a continuity test. Hope this Helps.

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Just run a configuration sheet from the info menu and it will tell you what the printer thinks are in each paper cassette based on what switches are being activated. If the size is correct, then you may have a feed problem or a tray problem. I have seen many instances where when you adjuat the paper size in the tray, the pins which then activate the switches on the side do not set right and the printer reads the paper size wrong. You could also have the problem that craig mentions above. What happens when you feed the paper from the manual feeder?
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Check the paper length adjustment at the back of the paper tray, if it has moved to the rear snug it back up, otherwise it will need replacing. I had the same problem with my 4000.
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If you need one of those plates, we have them in stock. I found that once they start sliding, they won't lock in place anymore. If you only use it for one paper size, you can tape it in place. If you do want one, click on my name to email me for ordering info.
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Also check the feed roller in the front of the paper tray in question, just push it to the right side to be sure it's securely in-place, if it isn't it'll slide to the left & will cause this too.

In a rare case (only seen this once) where the paper feed assm goes bad & causings 41.3 errors. Part # is RG5-2651, it is hidden behind the Manual Feed Assm, so you have to pull that off in order to see it. The Feed Assm helps feed paper from the lower trays up to the Registration area.
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