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Hp HP Color Copier 120

Printer won't turn on

I have a HP deskjet 6122. The printer will not turn on at all. I checked the cord with an amp probe and it reads 120 volts. I cannot figure out how to take it apart to check the main on/off switch. Maybe this is not the problem. I found two screws on top next to the lid. I removed them but still the case will not come off.

I Think I Know How to Fix This issue with printer . it is the power supply which caused This Problem to the printer . I Got Steps On This Blog And I Got it fixed Please Read https://techvaidya.com/printer-not-turning-on/ And Fix This Problem . Thanks

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The Deskjet 6122 uses soft power on and off, meaning the power switch does not actually disconnect power, but only puts the electronics in the stand-by mode. The power supply outputs 18 VDC and 32 VDC, as I recall (check the fine print on the power supply), which is present anytime AC power is applied.

I have my doubts that the power switch is bad unless you spilled something on it. The switch module may be shared with the Deskjet 3820. There are lots of dead 3820s around that can be used for parts if the module is identical. If you actually need a new module, I can make some comparisons in the shop and tell you for sure.

If the power supply has failed, be aware that HP does not offer it as a spare part. I nearly lost my mind trying to find repair components. (Maybe it will just be a blown fuse.) The power supply of course was made offshore and that seems to be where all of the spare parts are. If the power supply has failed, I have some sources that may be able to do the repair, but it ain't cheap.

Deskjet 6122, Removing the case
1. Remove the small case piece on each side of the paper tray. There is small latch on each, releasable from the underside of the printer.
2. Remove the two T10 Torx screws on the top of the case. Pry upward with a slot style screwdriver under the tab that each screw went through, and the associated side piece will hinge outward and come off. Free the right side piece by releasing the latch that retains the keypad.
3. Open the hinged cover and release the large latch in front of the service station with a slot style screwdriver. Release the latch on the opposite side in the same relative position, and the main case will lift off
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I was able to open the case. Is there a fuse anywhere. This printer seems to be very well made.
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The sample I have has a radial leaded cylindrical fuse approximately 8.2mm in diameter X 7.25mm high. It is soldered to the power supply board near where the AC comes in, and is designated as F1.
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Found your excellent thread.
Have similar problem.

One day it just would not power up.

Checked everything external and finally took it apart per the above instructions.

The fuse still has conductivity across the two pins that are not tied together on the back of the board. So I don't think that's it.

Got both 18VDC and 32VDC at the power outputs.

The front buttons do not seem compromised.

Anything else to check?

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my lexmark 2500 printer won't power on after i left the top open for a while-what can i do?
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I have a Canon Bubblejet 200ex. The printer will not turn on at all. I checked the cord and even tried another new one but neither works. I plan to take it apart to check the main switch connection and hope this works but if anyone has any ideas please let me know.
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After I open the back of my HP Deskjet F2210- and removed the paper that was stuck -- replaced the cords-- my printer will not turn on. What should I do to get it to turn on again?
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i have a pixma mp250 worked perfectly then one day would not turn on. i have replaced power cables and usb cables still nothing please help????
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I have an Epson Stylus CX6600 and it has similar problems. It took longer and longer to power up each morning. Now it wont go on at all. I have checked out the lead on another item and the plug with a radio door chime - all is well. I've taken out all visible screws to view the insids but it will not come apart. Anybody any ideas?
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If it slowly started to die then it would be that the power supply has failed. Most like it is just a capacitor or two that need to me replaced.

You can get disassembly info here http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/cx6400.html Yes, Yes, Yes it shows a CX 6400 but the design is the same.
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I got a free HP deskjet Ink Advantage 2060 Printer from smartbro connection, and I've been using this for years. Til the ink runs out. Then I bought a new ink for this but my printer won't turn on now.. I don't think that my printer is broken because I was the only one who used this. And I am very much careful with my things. Please help.
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I had the same problem with a Canon ip100 PIXMA printer NOT turning on or responding. I searched you tube and found a link on how to disassemble the printer. I disassembled the printer, opened the ink well holder and discovered that the problem was a build up of excessive ink on the bottom right plate of the printer cartridge holder. I cleaned the excessive ink build up with rubbing alcohol and cotton swab, manually moved the cartridge holder to the middle of the printer and reassembled the printer. Problem solved. Green light on printer now stays on and printer is functioning properly.

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