asked Nov 16, 2004 at 9:46pm
Epson Epson Stylus Color 740

Cannon s400 no Black, no help in other msgs...

I just got a Cannon s400 (Serial Number FAJX 43266) from a friend that got it from someone becuase it didn't work... apperently, I found out why...

Well, I took apart every single peice to clean and inspect it to like new condition, and re-greased critical areas. Got it running perfectly fine, except the only the color prints fine (although, it makes the color print look like a bunch of lines of the picture pasted together, maybe an alignment problem or just a missing line in 1 color), but black wasn't printing.

When I cleaned the printer, I ran the carraige parts (the green part that comes out and contains the printing head, and holds the cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink cartriges in it) under warm water, and made sure all ink was cleaned from the outside and inside of the printing head area (you can see where the ink comes from through the clear head cover). After finding out it wasn't printing black after running numerous tests and cleaning cycles, I ddecided to clean it again. I have an air spray can that I used to blow air at the intakes on the top of the print head area (after you take apart the green carraige assembly)to make sure water was coming through each color band of the print head and put it back together (after drying it off, of course). I ran a test print after running a cleaning cycle, and it printed all 3 colors fine, and printed out of the black nozzles fine (created a complete test pattern in the black grid), except the it was "dark blue" instead of black. Then, it refused to print black again.

The cartriges are Cannon brand, are pretty new, and have never been refilled or tampered with. I know the black nozzles work now, but it still won't print black (or even dark blue). I was wondering if there was some way to fix this? Otherwise, I'm going to take the "easy" way out and try to find a carraige assembly of the same type from someone else that has a non-working printer and replace this one. Also, Is there somewhere online I could go to get a replacement green carraige assembly for a low price if I can't find a free one? Or, maybe someone out there has a broken one I can get for the price of the shipping charges, since they won't need it?

Anyway, I hope I can get some help with this. I can't afford a new printer and have been trying to fix a printer for free for myself so I have something to print text with, but I'm not going to use my color ink to print black text.

This is my 3rd fixed printer (first was a microlaser, ran for less than a day, then decided to run paper up to first sensor switch and call it a paper jam before printing starts... second is an Epson Stylus Color 740, but I have no ink, and don't want to use my refill on this if the newer Cannon works). Any help with this problem would be good, and, thanks in advance!