asked Nov 15, 2004 at 12:43pm
Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

IIIP memory

I wanted to print PFD's on my HP IIIP and I got hold of a 4MB memory card, but it says it's for a IIP, III, and IIID. I installed it and my printer, when I print a test page, doesn't register it. The testpage still reads out "RAM size: 1024K bytes" Which is the same as if I don't have the memory card installed. Does anybody know whether I have this installed correctly or if I have the wrong memeory card, etc. Thanks a lot. Are there any menu settings or otherwise that I have to change?
The same card fits all those printers. Make sure you have the card firmly seated in the slot. If the card were defective, it would in all likelihood display a 53 error code.
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One thing: It has to be installed on the upper slot so it plugs into the formatter itself. You can plug it into the lower slot (the IIP and IIIP can take two cards), but it won't be connected.


(Who has bought TWO printers with memory like that.)

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Hmmmm, any other ideas? I tried both of those and it still didn't register the memory module. Are there any settings I have to do to make this register, reset the computer, etc.? The one thing I noticed about this memory board is that unlike others I've seen online, this doesn't have any plugs at the inner end of the board, just the ones that plug in on top. Does this matter? The board's made by intel if this helps.
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Does it look like that? The connector has to plug into the upper plug for it to be connected.

It's POSSIBLE there's some weird dip switch on the board that got moved between the uninstall and re-install. Try that. Have the printer off when installing/uninstalling the memory card, btw.

Never saw a memory board for the IIP by intel, btw. Lotsa HP and kingston boards out there.
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It generally looks like that. The board has an 8X4 across configuration of modules. The board deffinately fits in the printer fine with the top plug fully plugged into the printer. I don't see any dip switches on the board to flip, I know Kingston has them. I wonder if the memory isn't just not coming up on the test page, is there any other way to see if the memory is regestering? Thanks.
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There's nothing to flip in the printer, or the computer. (Well, there is a setting on windows to tell it how much memory it's got, but that's just for spooling. It's possible to use the printer as a stand alone device with a fax do-hickey, fr'instance)

Anyhow. Now you are relegated to being a parts swapper. Try the memory in a working printer, and try working memory in your printer.

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Alas, I had a feeling it would go to this. I don't have another printer or another memory board so I'm going to have to wing it somehow. Thanks for all the help, if you have any other thoughts I'd be more than willing to hear them.
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