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Epson Epson Stylus Color 440

Epson Stylus Color 440 service station

I would appreciate details on how or where the service station is located in this model printer. I recently purchased cleaning solution from fixyourownprinter.com and I would also like to know if I have to throw out perfectly good cartridges after I remove them to clean the heads. I would appreciate positive response. Thank you
Here are a ew links that might help http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/Cap1.html http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/caps.html http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/440.html

You don't need to install new ink cartridges once you clean the print heads. Epson recommends you do so but your printer will not explode if you reuse the ink cartridges.

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Wanda...JUST SO YOU WILL KNOW: Anytime you remove any ink cartridge with the power turned on, the printer AUTOMATICALLY ASSUMES that you will install a brand new ink cartridge and it automatically resets the "Internal Ink Counter" back to zero and automatically resets the "Ink Level Indicators" to full. Thats why Epson says you must install a new ink cartridge, anytime ANY older style ink cartridge is removed. On the older style printers [like your 440], when you reinstall a previously removed [used] cartridge, the internal ink counter automatically resets and now your printer thinks the cartridge is new and of course full. Lets say that the old cartridge had less than 1/4 of its ink left. What can happen is that your printer will use up that 1/4 of its remaining ink and then it runs itself dry. It actually runs out of ink and never know it. Then air will get into the tiny printhead nozzles, causing the ink residue inside those nozzles to dry out and that usually results in clogging. All new Epson Ink Cartridges are sealed and there is pressure put in them at the factory. When you install a new ink cartridge, that internal air pressure is what causes any air that got into the nozzles [such as when you removed the old ink cartridge] to be pushed out of the nozzles and primes the nozzles with fresh ink. If you reinstall the origional cartridge that you removed, it not only has already lost its internal air pressure, but now there is air inside of the actual printhead nozzles. That air starts to dry out any remaining ink inside of the nozzles and that normally results in clogging. Thats why Epson says to always install a New Epson Ink Cartridge, anytime you remove any ink cartridge, even if its full of ink. If the old cartridge was out of the printhead holder assembly for more than 30 minutes, the nozzle may have already started to clog. If you choose to just reinstall an old Epson Ink Cartridge, with no pressure inside it will usually be difficult to get the ink to start flowing again. You may have to run 6 to 10 sets of "Printhead Cleaning Cycles" and "Nozzle Tests", to actually be able to get the ink to start flowing correctly again. Running a lot of "PRINTHEAD CLEANING CYCLES" and "NOZZLE TESTS" can use up the ink inside the cartridges. On some models, you could install a NEW CARTRIDGE and run between 10-15 cleaning cycles and tests and its possible to empty the new cartridge. Also the color inks run out faster, because theres far less of each color inside the actual ink cartridge [usually at least three colors share the same ink cartridge], compared to the black ink cartridge...Even after that Red Ink Light turns SOLID and stops your printer, there has to be a little ink left in that cartridge, or air would get into those tiny Printhead Nozzles and possibly cause clogging or even actually damage them. One individual printhead nozzle is so tiny, that it will not accept a human hair, so you can see why they can get clogged so easily, or even why the nozzles can be so easily damaged...Once any ink cartridge is installed [with the power on], it causes the printer to go thru "New Cartridge Initialization", which is another reason why that remaining ink is being consumed. If you turn off the power first, the printer will never know you removed and reinstalled the same ink cartridge, so it will not reset the Internal Ink Counter or the Ink Level Indicators. Unfortunatly, with no reset procedure, the Red Ink Error Light will not reset, so you still cannot use the printer. Plus you let the internal air pressure escape, so that remaining ink could probably not be used anyway...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Wanda...SOME ADDITIONAL INFO ON USING THAT "EPSON PRINTHEAD CLEANING SOLUTION": The "nozzles" inside the printhead assembly can be easily damaged by using to much force on the plunger of the syringe. Damage can even occur when you are using the Epson Stylus Head Cleaning Solution method, if you actually try to force the fluid thru the nozzle. To much force/pressure can damage the little tubes inside the Nozzle Assembly and then it will never work again. One individual printhead nozzle is so tiny, that it will not accept a human hair. You can see why they can get clogged so easily, or even why the nozzles can be so easily damaged. The correct method is to use the syringe to add the fluid into the nozzle and then leave the fluids set inside the nozzle for a day or two, to try and dissolve a possible bad clog. Sometimes you might have to use the fluids several times to be able to dissolve the clog in the printhead nozzles. Sometimes the clog will never dissolve, or it actually damages the nozzles. The longer the clog has been in, the worse it is to remove. Again, if the cleaning fluids don't help, then its generally time to invest in a new printer. In some more expensive printers, you may want to get an estimate to replace the printhead assembly, but as a general rule, its not really economical to do in the smaller Epson Ink Jet style printers. You can generally buy a new small printer cheaper than you can have your old one repaired for. EXAMPLE: The printhead assembly in the "C80" Printer sells for around $120 to $130...Again, Good Luck! Denny Conway
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