asked Nov 12, 2004 at 6:07am
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Laserwriter Select 360

I have obtained an Apple Laserwriter Select 360 printer from a colleague.
He swears it has worked well for him but I have experienced intermittent
problems. It will print ok then stop, the left hand status light will blink
when a print request is sent, but then nothing happens and the light
returns to steady on. Sometimes it will start to print then stop with the
paper half way round, but no feed error showing. Sometimes I can get 4 or 5
sheets out before it stops then I either turn on/off or open up the lid.
The print status window advises that the printing is complete even though
it fails to fire up, so it seems as if the printer although gets the feed
from the computer, just stops halfway through or can't be bothered to

I have the printer select wheel at the reverse of the unit set to 6
(although the same problem happens at 0). I have tried the printer using
95,98 & ME. I do not have the driver disc but it seems to load up ok from
the windows operating system. The identical problems occur on all operating
systems. Does any one have any ideas?

I am reluctant to part with the printer because when it does work it prints
ok and i have 5 unopened new cartridges to use (any idea if these could