asked Nov 9, 2004 at 6:23pm
Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

HP IIIP Compressed Print

Hope someone may have seen this. Intermittently, the top several lines of my print-outs will look compressed. The rest of the document looks fine.
Is this a feed issue??

Probably. Can you try feeding it from the lower tray rather than the MF tray?

Also: Stop the print and look at the drum. I doubt it would be compressed on the drum.
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Sticking clutch assy.
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Phil Alexander & Rauks,

Thanks for your replies. Phil, unfortunately, on the HP IIIP, MF is from the same tray. I haven't checked the drum. I'll do that tonight.

Rauks, a sticking clutch is an interesting possibility. Is there any instruction available on how to check and correct a sticking clutch. For starters I don't know where the clutch is located.

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Check the large gear to see if it has come un-glued. Open the cartridge shutter, hold the smaller gear with your left thumb and see if you can turn the large gear with your right thumb. On start-up, the gear will slip, causing the print to become compressed and then begin to turn normally, causing the print to look just fine.
You can take out the white axels, remove the drum, remove the large gear and use a drop of super glue to glue the gear back into the drum. Just be careful not to put glue on the copper contacts that are on the inside of the gear. They must make contact with the interior of the drum for proper grounding.

Sue O
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