asked Oct 20, 2000 at 9:37am
Hp HP DeskJet 660C

hp660c-infinite test pages

When I print to my hp660c, I get my doc, then infinite pages
of the test page... Please advise me on possible troubleshooting steps and solutions
I'd say you're probably looking at a formatter board replacement. Not worth the money for a printer that old.
by moe on Oct 20, 2000 at 5:55pm Add comment
I have another printer for parts.. where is the formatter board located so i can swap them out
by unknown on Oct 23, 2000 at 8:19am Add comment
It's on the back of the printer. There are 2 boards. A power supply on the left and the formatter on the right.
by moe on Oct 23, 2000 at 8:44am Add comment
Hp has a forum site where they offer techy support
responses from a moderator. The fix was to change
cables and I moved my printer from LPT2 , using an
obsolete printer card, to LPT 1, run off my pentium
mother board. A zip 100 parellel now lives on LPT2.
I speculate that the cable was a bit hinky or the old
obsolete printer card rescued from an old 386, just was
not up to the job.. obsolete. So a formatter board
was not the solution. Sorry Moe,, cant be right on every
remote problem..
by unknown on Oct 24, 2000 at 11:46am Add comment
Everyone is entitled to be wrong at least once. It is kind of difficult troubleshooting something one can't see. I can still troubleshoot printers I can't see better than 50\% of the techs standing in front of them. That figure is probably on the low side considering the test scores on our tech exam posted on the site. Important thing is your printer is working again.
by moe on Oct 24, 2000 at 8:53pm Add comment