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Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Apple LaserWriter Select 360

Hi, Moe. You helped me a few years ago with my hand-me-down LW Select 360. It's been running fine, but now (apparently) Apple no longer makes toner cartridges for it, so I'm at the mercy of internet stores that sell reconditioned/refurbished ones. On Friday I received one from monstertoners.com (after getting a couple of satisfactory opinions) and now I need to return it because about one quarter of the page (left side) is faint and blotchy, and the rest of the page is gray, not black. That's even after I gently rocked the cartridge before putting it in the machine and running Apple's Cleaning Page document through a few times. I also ran about 50 pages of text, thinking that might get the "juices" flowing.
---I don't know if this is a good "clue" or not: You know the flap that covers the drum? I notice that as I close the printer door, the flap goes up (on both old and new cartridges), exposing the drum, which I assume is normal. On the old one, when I again open the door, the flap goes down again, concealing the drum. But with the new one, the flap stays up (with the drum exposed) when I open the door. Also, the old drum is a vivid bluish green, but the new one is green.
---I was thinking maybe the printer was the culprit, since it sat for almost two months before I put the new cartridge in. As a test, I rocked the old cartridge a few times to coax a few more prints, put it in, and the printout was fine, which tells me that the "new" cartridge is defective.
---With the cartridge, monstertoners sent a (rich black) test printout, supposedly from that same cartridge, but it's hard to believe they used the same one. Should I return it for a replacement or just get a refund (in which case I'll be out two $8.95 shipment fees--the one for their shipment to me and the one to return unit to them).
Thanks for any input from Moe or other people here.
I had never heard of them before I read your post. I took a tour of their website. It's full of spelling and grammatical errors. If that's an example of their quality control, I sure wouldn't buy from them. I wouldn't buy any remanufactured toner cartridges over the internet, unless they were done by us. We've been remanufacturing cartridges for 15 years and we do test every single one prior to packaging. I'm not making a blanket condemnation of all remanufacturers. There are some good ones out there, but it can get expensive finding which ones are and which ones aren't.
Their return policy states that you have to pay for return shipping. You are faced with the choice of getting the refund or trying another one.
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From what I can see on your site, though, you don't offer the cartridge I need. Otherwise I would have ordered one from you.
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