asked Oct 21, 2001 at 3:50pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP Laserjet 4 Jam Question.

I have a Laserjet 4 printer that used to give me the accordian jam, but your kit fixed that.
Now, what it does is that it jams halfway through the fuser, most of the time. Sometimes, it seems to work just fine. I installed the fuser jam kit, there were no broken teeth, they looked worn, though.
No help.
It picks up the paper and feeds it partway through the fuser, then it stops, causing an error 13.
When you say the kit fixed the accordion jam, did it work after the repair or did this secondary problem come up right away? If it is going through the fuser and about an inch of the paper is sticking out, in all probability the sensor arm pivot broke. This allows the sensor arm to flop around. You'll need the separator guide. If you need one, contact me via email and I'll give you pricing and ordering instructions.
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