asked Nov 4, 2004 at 12:06pm
Hp HP DeskJet 500C

hp 500c

The small black plastic bulb on the end of the spring at the back of the printer carriage has popped out of its mooring. Where does it fit and how do I get access in there?
Yes I know how old it is but I love this old workhorse.
Appreciate any instructions, with thanks.
You know where the plastic bulb came from, so I'm not sure what your question is, other than perhaps how the case is removed.

Before you begin
There may be liquid ink accumulated on the right from priming the cartridges. If so, remove it with a paper towel or it will spill while you are removing the case.

Removing the case
There are no screws holding the case on. There is a latch at each corner on the underside that must be released with a slot style screwdrive. When they are released, the case will lift off. Patience is required because the case fits tightly to the base.
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Thank you for your help Bert.
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