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I have an Epson 1520 that will not print from Windows. Both black and color cartridges work and I can get the self test to print. I have tried to print from Windows Xp, 2000 and 98SE using 2 different PC's and 3 different parallel cables. I used the generic windows drivers and tried drivers from Epson's web site. The PC's recognize that the printer is attached and will install the appropriate driver. Attempting a test print results in nothing. Just the operate light and nothing else. After maybe 1 minute under Win98 the monitor will give a Printer not responding message. Cannot do an alignment or any other test from the utilities menu either. This appears to be a communications problem to me. I suspect the main board. Is there any way to narrow down the problem or test the main board? The printer is also missing the output tray and the paper tray. Could this cause the problem that I am experiencing?
Check the default setting of the I/F and software. I/F is usually set to auto and software is set to ESC/P2. To enter the default setting mode press and hold the micro adjust down and then turn on the power. The printer will print the instructions on how to make any changes.
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Just tried your suggestion. Operate light blinks and Reset light on for a little bit. Feeds paper and looks like it is printing but page is blank. When page out there are no lights on panel. During normal power up there are no lights on except the operate light. Also tried holding down LoadEject and Operate button for self test. Black is barely readable and paper out light comes on a lot, remember no paper or output tray so that may be the problem with the paper out indication. No indication that the black cartridge needs replacing plus just before I sent the original post the self test was working just fine. Any other ideas?
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To help with the paper loading prop up the end of the paper -- the end that extends beyond the printer housing -- so that it is parallel to the table top.

Get the self test working properly first. To make testing the printer easier defeat the cover open switch. Open the cover. Locate the print head carriage. Now look back towards the control panel, there is a white lever protruding out of an opening. Use a sticky tape to push back the lever into the opening.

Power off the printer. Press and hold the load/eject button and turn on the printer. If the printed pattern is no good press the pause button and then clean the offending print head. Press the pause button to resume printing. Repeat until the self test is printing properly.

Now let's check the operation with a PC. Connect the printer to your PC that is running Windows 98SE. Start the PC into MS-DOS mode. At the command prompt issue the command dir c:\\ > [printer port]:

Does it print?
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It is now working. Thank you very much for the great help. Once I ran 4 head cleanings per cartridge I was able to check on the I/F Mode and Software settings. I/F was set to serial and Software was set to IBMXL24E. Changed both to what you said they should be. Only thing that I noticed was that in the test print from WinXP there were spaces in the Windows XP but it mostly was solid by the second line. Happens on all test prints. The rest of the text is fine.

Once again thanks.
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If I cannot find the missing paper tray, output tray and cover for the back, do you know of any place that might sell these particular parts?
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Visit this URL http://www.compassmicro.com/parts_select.cfm

Download the exploded diagram and select the parts you need. Pay special attention to the many parts that makes up the paper input tray, stacker unit, and sheet guide rear ('cover for the back').

The Epson UK site list a couple of spares distributors http://www.epson.co.uk/reseller/dist.htm
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I have a 1520 which seems to have a paper feed problem, and I am wondering if there is an adjustment or repair.

The paper pressure does not appear to be constant enough across the entire roller, with more 'pinch' at the sides and less in the middel. This is manifesting itself by feeding regular 20# bond just slightly crooked, and gets a bit more goofy when I use photo paper or envelopes. Is there a DIY adjustment? or a repair kit?

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The two paper load rollers are dirty and/or worn. You could try cleaning them. But it is best to replace them.
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Do I just begin taking the printer apart until I can reach in and wipe alcohol on the rollers? I would imagine I would need to clean the main roller, as well?

If this doesn't work, where can I get the rollers and the knowledge as to how to replace them? (I am in SW PA.)
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Visit this URL http://www.compassmicro.com/parts_select.cfm

Navigate to the Color 1520 page and download the exploded diagram. The rollers that requires cleaning or replacing are reference number 522. After looking at the diagram and you still feel that you are capable of doing the job then I would suggest you obtain the service manual. It has been mentioned many time on this forum where you may obtain a service manual. The manual provides a step-by-step procedure on how to replace the paper load rollers.

Compass Micro also sells the paper load rollers.
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