asked Oct 27, 2004 at 2:28pm
Canon Canon LBP 4

looking for Canon LBP-465 schematic or help

I have the following problem with my old LBP-465: when cold (idling for a long time) the paper is correctly fed, but stops before entering the toner drum zone. It must be removed, the printer reset (power off/on), then proceed again up to 4 times. Then the printing terminates quite well.
The fuser seems to be cold during that failure time. I suspect the pre-heating. I checked resistance of the built-in temp sensor, which reads 400K. If disconnected, the printer doesn't start. Also, the 1st attempt seems to launch more quickly than before, when everything was OK. To proceed further I need the schematic, or your help.
There is no pre-heater. It's an instant on ceramic heating element. It only gets hot during actual printing and then shuts off.
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Thank you for your reply. I didn't mean an actual pre-heater, but some delay for the fuser to get hot.
I measured 146 ohms on the heating element (disconnected, @ ambient). Does it seem correct ?
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