asked Oct 17, 2001 at 7:51am
Epson Epson Stylus Color 3000

Office Printer Enquiry

I want to get a good office printer for the graphics design company that I work for. The printer has to have adobe postscript support with pantone calibrated approved colors. I was looking at two printers Epson Stylus color 3000 and hp business inkjet 2250. Epson just has a 64kb buffer memory and no inbuilt memory. HP has provision for 40 MB of inbuilt memory but supports HP postcript language. Now, my question is is ther any difference between adobe and hp postcripts and does the postscript include pantone calibrated color support. Secondly, since I would be networking the printer through TCP/IP (the pinter would have its own IP and would be shared through a print server) would the lack of memory in EPSON prove to be a disadvantage. I tried calling up EPSON but the lady who answered did not have the foggiest idea about what postscript is or how the meory would be used? Any help would be great.