asked Aug 29, 2000 at 2:53pm
Unknown Printer

Laserjet IIID Repair

I have the infamous Service 50 error on my old
Laserjet IIID. Before ordering the repair kit,
is there a way to check the AC Power Module to
verify the problem is there versus the fuser?
I can use a VOM if you can tell me where and
what to measure.



Real techs can do it blindfolded by just listening to the power supply noises. Try defeating the door interlock (picture on troubleshooting page). Watch the fuser for any sign of light when you power it on (printer has to be off 10 minutes). If it lights up at all, change the ac power module. If the nomex wand is stuck to the teflon roller, you have to change both the fuser and ac power modules. If you want to do a reading on the lamp, pull the fuser out (4 screws) and check for 3 ohms on the right 2 contacts. In rare instances, it's a bad dc controller, or contacts (see tweaking page in troubleshooting). Careful when you reinstall fuser that left contacts line up properly.
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