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Epson CX5400 Blank Pages

Hello, I have a CX5400 that is just putting out blank pages now. It started with black only printing about half the amount of stuff. Then black completely quit. Then the colors stopped working completely and now I have absolutely nothing. The printer is only used about once every 2 weeks or so.

After searching on here for an hour I found that it sounded like a clogged head problem. I did the papertowel under the head trick and got a ton of ink off of it but the output did not change. I also checked the little hose running under the heads rest position and it is connected.

Is my next step injecting the cleaning solution into the head? I don't think it's a hardware failure since it slowly went away, didn't just die.

Also, I have a 2nd CX5400, bought at the same time, and it has lost one color, black and the other two colors work fine. Have tried new cartridges in both printers and nothing changed.

Thanks in advance,

If the ink purge tube is connected then you next step would be to use the cleaning solution. Just remember to inject the solution very slowly. You can also warm the solution a little to help break down the clog. And usually you will need to use a few applications to fully clear the clog.

I hope this helps,

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I went to Best Buy and they told me I should have bought
the in-store warrenty for my cx 5400.
I don't buy those generally with names I thought I trusted.
Usually if I get a year out of it I figure it's worth a gamble.

I have used the printer 5 times and now I guess it's time
for me to disassemble the printer to clean and ink hose?

I finally went out to buy what I thought would
be my first quality EPSON printer but no just today alone I have
spent two hours of hunting for some kind of cleaner
for my EPSON cx5400. Yes I payed for parking at best buy and waited in
some geek squad line for a simple question. Gas is expensive, time is even more important.

Is someone talking class action? I'm done with buying printers
that are useless. I'm feeling the assumption is that it's assumed
now there will be a problem when you buy something rather
then a normal occasional issue.
I would rather pay some kind of monthly fee
for a printer and ink system that worked then this crap.
I'm thankful for this site but why would there be such a market
for a sight like this if there wasn't some corporate mis-deeds.

They can because they can but it's worse even then the windows 95
beta testing we ALL did for ten years.
Somebody has to do something. At the very least in a free market
it would seem that you shouldn't be able to monopolize something to the point
that there is absolutely NIL quality control or consumber protection.

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I've got a Cx5400 as well thats over a year old. It started slowing printer each color lighter and lighter until I got just blank pages. I bought the cleaner kit for this site and tried it today. Still blank pages with the nozzle test.

Is this thing shot? What else could it be? it's not the cartriges as they were replaced and ink was found in the nozzles that I cleansed.

Is this a electronic issue now? Anything else to try ?


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Had the same exact thing happen after about 2 years of working wonderfully--copies started getting lighter, no more color, and now blank pages. I called the Epson tekkies and they said the nozzles are clogged and that I'll need to ship it back for repairs. It'll be cheaper to buy a new machine than the cost of repairs and shipping! - Anonymous
Hello, I have a CX5400 that is just putting out blank pages now.
I have had this printer for about 2 years but it has not been used very much, but has been fine until recently. I changed the black cartridge today and I have set the printer to black ink only to test it and it still puts through blank paper. The colour cartriges have now run out but they have printed fine. New cartridges on their way.

After searching on this site it apprears that it may be like a clogged head problem. As am not a teckie how do you tackle this problem. I imagine you have to take it apart - which I am willing to have a go at doing, but am looking for some advice please on how to do this. Much appreciate some guidence.

Many thanks in advance
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Epson I am surprised and alarmed, to purchase a printer manufactured by your company.

Get a grip, please understand we are not all dummies. Screw us once and shame on you, but screw us twice and shame on us!

HP, I have one bit of advice for you. Make your mouse trap better cause I am on my way !

Rick Taylor
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Alcohol folks, just plain ole Alcohol dissolves that ink. No need to buy anything " special " from any one. Makes no difference, Ethel, (best), Isopropyl, Everclear, any of it works just fine.
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EpsonCX5400 worked fine for several months. Several cartages ran out and had to replace allof thm. After doing so I only get blank pages. Otherwise printer runs and works but will not print material. Anyone know reason and correction?
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I just bought an Epson CX5400 all-in-one printer from a yard sale, and when I got it home it printed very little at all. When I changed the ink cartridges with new ones it printed nothing at all, just blank pages.

So I followed the instructions from http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/duraink.html to clean and reconnect the clogged drainage tubes. I ended up pulling apart the whole waste ink pump assembly in order to clear the blocked silicon tube and flush the tubes with warm water. The waste ink tray at the bottom of the printer was so full that it has blocked the drainage tube as well, so I cleaned that out as well.

Once re-assembled the printer reported a scanner error, which turned out to be the scanner data cable being slightly damaged from being removed and re-inserted. I just trimmed off the damaged end of the cable and re-inserted it into the connector on the printer to fix it.

A few Head Clean operations later and the printer is working perfectly with all colors except Yellow, which doesn't print at all. This is OK for now since most of my printing will be B&W and simple photocopying.

My next attempt will be to try flushing the Yellow head with isopropyl alcohol.

The Service Manual for the Epson CX5100 CX5200 CX5300 CX5400 is online at this link: http://inkjetprinterhelp.us/cx52001.html

Bill Farrow
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You'll be wasting your time with the alcohol. An experiment with a glob of congealed ink in a capful of alcohol resulted in the alcohol evaporating leaving the ink totally untouched.
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Moe is totally correct.I work on these on a daily basis,and the only fluids that I have found to work are Epson's red cleaning fluid, warm water and Windex.If an Epson inkjet is not run at least once a week, it will eventually clog.If a clogged printhead is not used for a month or more,it is unlikely that most users will ever be able to clear it.As Billf said above, with this particular model, you probably need to clean the pump tube, the ink eject tube, and the area where the waste ink gathers.Epson made "improvements" to this model which kept the pump tube from blowing off of the bottom of the cap assembly when the eject tube got plugged by a buildup of ink in the sump.It is not easy to put the pump back together if you take the tube out of it, so I would suggest you test the pump if you get into one of these which is clogged.To do this, remove the scanner and the middle housing.Then remove the printer mechanism from the bottom housing.Remove the pump/cap assembly from the rest and rotate it manually after filling the cap with water.If the water drains there is no need to remove the tube.For advanced users who want to try clearing a badly clogged printhead, you might try the following method.Remove the printhead from the printer.Soak it in a shallow container with just enough Windex in the bottom to cover the very bottom of the printhead.DO NOT PUT ENOUGH IN TO GET THE LITTLE PC BOARD WET!Wait 24 hrs.Repeat.Then flush the printhead with a syringe and a small rubber tube filled with warm or hot water.Put the tube over the little spikes that the ink cartridges sit on.Do not apply much pressure.If the water does not run freely,then soak again.When the water runs freely, reassemble the printer and run 2 head cleanings.Then run a nozzle check.If some nozzles work, then alternate head cleanings with nozzle checks until the printer prints all nozzles.If it doesn't improve with each cleaning, go back over each part of the ink system until you find a problem.If no nozzles fire after 2 soakings and the pump assembly works,and if the eject tube is not blocked, find a landfill.
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My printer was working fine. Used it regularly. Then the color stopped. Still prints black. No color. Tube has not come off. Filled cartridge cleaning drain with cleaner fluid and it sucked it dry. I thought that maybe my chip resetter was too old for this printer; but, after resetting, the half empty cartridges read 100\%. What else can it be? My next step is to open new cartridges. But I hate to do that and have it still not work. I have three of these machines (for each of my kids). I do not want to just throw them away (and all that ink). What do you think? - John
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The ink purge tube is clogged at the tip where it ejects ink into the absorber pads.
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It seems like if the tube were clogged, the cleaning fluid that I filled the nozzle resevoir with would just stay there. Why or how would the cleaning fluid be sucked down if the tube were clogged? - JohnGrit
On my printer the drainage tube was so clogged up that I had to remove it from the printer in order to work the clot out of it. If I had to do it again I would feed a wire down the tube to push the clot out and then flush the tube with warm water.

I should say that my printer is currently working and printing all colors. Moe was correct, the alcohol did not work, so I returned to using warm water to clean out the print heads.
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