asked Oct 13, 2001 at 10:58pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4


I have a HP LAserjet4 model 2001A. I'm getting an error code "61.4 Service" at times. I don't have access to the HP error codes for this printer as their site doesn't carry much information for the Laserjet 4 (drivers, manuals, etc)

Thanks for any help you might offer!!
After quite a search on the HP site I found a reference to the 61.4 code. Basically it says "CAUSE: The incorrect PostScript SIMM is installed into the printer."

The HP 4 is listed as needing "C2080A (Discontinued) HP LaserJet 4/4M printer" memory. There are 4 memory sticks in the 4 sockets on board. None have the HP numbers listed above. Two have "SMART SM5361000-8 440042HP" on the boards, and the other two have 3 ID codes on each board: "Toshiba 7749A1(3)", and "Toshiba THM361020AS-80", and "9320AAA" in various places.

None match the "C2080A" code that HP says was proper (but discontinued). The printer works normally until I send it a page containing a picture (in grayscale) that is much over 2" x 2". Then I get the 61.4 error message.

I bought the printer with these memory stick installed - now I'm not sure they are the correct ones????

I was told that the printer has 18 megs of memory. Each memory stick indicates that it is 4 megs in size (for a total in the slots of 16 megs). Does the HP 4 come with 2 megs as standard?

Any advice?

Again, any help will be greatly appreciated!!
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The error means that you have a bad simm in the #4 position. To see how much memory the printer is recognizing, take it off line, toggle the menu till you get to Test Menu, hit item and you'll get Self Test, then Enter and it'll generate a test page with the memory on it. The printer comes with 2 mb standard. Pull the bad simm out (do it with power off printer), it should still print OK.
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Absolutely CORRECT!! I pulled the #4 stick of memory and it printed perfectly. Even switched the greyscale picture to print at 600 dots/inch and it again printed perfectly!! Thank you very much!! I truly appreciate your assistance!

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yip ... this one works, thanks for the fix!!
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