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cartridge sensor error, epson 1200?


I recently purchased an epson 1200 printer to use a CIS system with. I used the printer for several days with cartridges installed (with no problems) and then installed the CIS. The CIS worked well for a number of days and then I ran into an error where the light for the color cartridge would come on indicating that the cartridge needed to be changed. However, when I moved the cartridges to the change position, the light would go off, it only comes on when the cartridges are in the home position. Also during this time I got a "maintenance request" error (all lights on and blinking). I recently purchased an espon 1200 service manual and was able to do the reset to fix this problem, but the color cartridge error is still there. I have removed the CIS and installed cartridges again (not Epson OEM) and everything works fine. I'm wondering if the sensor that determines if a cartridge is installed is somehow not working when the CIS is installed but is working when I put a plain cartridge back in. Note when I put the cartridge back in I am not using the cartridge covers, I'm just using pieces of foam to trick the printer into knowing that a cartridge has been installed. Anyone else ever run into this problem?

Thanks in advance!
There's nothing wrong with the cartridge sensor. Try replacing the piece of foam.
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Thanks for the advice. I've replaced the foam several times, still the same error. I found out last night by accident that if I move the cartridges over to the replacement position and then unplug the printer with the power still on then plug it back in, the cartridges will bang to the left (with a lot of noise) move around a lot and the then the light goes off and everything is fine. If I if turn the power off or unplug the printer with the cartridges in the home position, when power is restored then I have the same error, i.e. the color cartridge light is on when the cartridges are home and off when in the replacement position. Weird...

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there is no sensor as such that detects if a cartridge is installed merely a piece of metal that when a cartidge is installed makes contact with the PH board ,i dont know much about the cart for the CIS but its possible that it is not pushing the bit of metal enough to make contact.
Have you tried securing the CIS cartridges with a tie wrap to hold them down securely?
or even bend out the metal bit so it is easier for the cart to push it in?
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The Photo 1200 DOES NOT use a piece of metal. The sensors or switches are located at the front of the print head carriage assembly.
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my bad, your right (ive got stylus 600's on the brain )

sorry, cant help ya then as i aint dismantling my 1200 ;)
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Scott;You may try this way.First go to this website:inkjetprinterhelp.us,and sownload "SSC Utility".After download and installed,then setting proper printer model,step as follow:1.Reset counters->Reset all counters,2.Protection counters->Reset protection counters->Yes->O.K.,3.Ink freezer->New cartridge installed->check all color,4.Turn off your printer and then turn on again.Try it,I wish there are good news!
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Hi, I have just acquired a second hand epson photo 1200. It came without ink cartridges, and I have installed new ones, but the colour cartridge is not being recognised, and therefore won't work. Can anyone help a Granny about to pull her hair out?

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