asked Oct 16, 2004 at 9:58am
Epson Epson Artisan 710

Epson Stylus Photo 750

I found your website last night and spent a very interesting hour or two reading about the Epson 740 failure to print black and other strange happenings.This seems to affect other models of Epson as well.
I was particulaly interested in the battery fitted to the motherboard and today I replaced mine which still had 3 volt reading with a new one which showed 3.26 volt.The old one had been in place for at least 2-3 years.
After getting everything set up I ran the nozzle check program for at least 6 times and the printer acted correctly during this time unlike my previous attempts with the old battery.
I believe (As a layman) that the system could have been reset to default after the battery was taken out rather than the new battery doing the trick. Anyway it all works fine now.
A warning if you like tampering with old Epson 750's and similar.If possible do not detach the flat ribbon cable from the print head as I damaged the contacts when I did because they had welded together through age and this pulled the contact strip off two lines.The Motherboard end is not so bad but care should be taken.
I use HP 710 & 720's also but mostly for black printing as the colour cartridges are way over the price of Epson. I refill HP Black and this makes it far cheaper per printout. I can get 3 black & 3 colourEpson Generic for £15 against the higher black and colour of HP and despite the lower amount of ink I do get good coverage. I agree fixed print heads are bad against a fresh head built into the cartridge but.....