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Toner Cartridges

Hi all...

I have had a few instances in the last week where a secretary at a school has been printing labels with thier 4000/4050's and a label has come off while going through the machine. Both times the lable has stuck to the toner cartridge. One I was not able to peel off the lable without leaving behind half of it... the other however came totally off.. but there are traces of the glue from that that is causing print defects. I told them the toner was trash and they gladly replaced them.. however I do still have them and am wondering if you can clean these? if so what can I use thats not going to wreck the film on the drum?
Are these secretaries printing said labels out of the MF tray like they're supposed to? Labels do not like to make a 180 degree turn. On the toner cartridges, get a cotton pad and some isopropyl alcohol. Gently rub the remnants of label off and then make sure you buff it clean with a dry cotton pad. Don't use too much alcohol or it will run down and get on the toner coated developer roller. You then get some toner mud. Rotate the drum to the next section if necessary and repeat the procedure.
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Thanks Moe

I figured there must be something that you could safely use on the drum .. since was surprised whn I saw a post about car wax or somethign to renew a transfer roller... when I learned that you must only use a dry cloth and only if absolutely needed.. lol
I wasnt able to find any info about cleaning them on teh net.. all the links just came up with cleaning matches because of the cleaning blade.. lol
I'll give em a shot on monday

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The best thing to do in this instance would be to replace the drum on the cartridge. I wouldnt use alcohol on the drum, it is very sensitive, your not supposed to let a drum get direct contact with light, if thats the case, then alcohol on a drum is a no no. Ive been rebuilding toner cartridges for almost 15yrs. I just wouldnt use alcohol on the drum. I guarantee you, if you use alcohol, your customer will be calling you with problems on that cartridge. Try it, you'll see. :)
I would replace the drum, its very easy to do, and very cheap. Rebuilding the 4000 is simple, if you dont know how, email me and I can send you some instructions. Again, Im not trying to be an ass about the alcohol and drum, just seen the results.

Hope this helps,
Brent - RRI
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I've been rebuilding them for 15 years as well. The amount of ambient light hitting the drum in the amount of time it takes to clean it won't damage it. Of course, you wouldn't want to do it in bright sunlight. Then you have to consider the drum isn't any good with a label on it so what harm would alcohol do to it even if it were harmful? I've cleaned quite a few with alcohol and so have my staff. Never had a problem. Everyone has a right to their opinion.
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The toner cartridges would be going out for recycle with the rest of our spent cartridges if I wasnt the kind of person that sees the waste in places like public sector and wanted to see if they could be saved.
I think what I'm going to do is try to clean the drum with the light alcohol application... if that does not give satisfactory results .. then I will attempt to use the drum off one of our many spent cartridges .. and see if i can save them.. they may be close to empty for all I know!
If you wouldnt mind emailing me (or posting it here so others can see).. the instructions on rebuilding the toner cartridge that would be greatly appreciated. I'll then be able to take to work two attempts and i'll take an hour out of the day to do the test and see what happens :)
thanks guys
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Just a followup,

I used a q-tip with isopropyl and gently back and forth took all the residue off the drum. Test prints worked fine, my supervisor is testing the cartridge for me for a while to see if print defects reoccure
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