asked Oct 14, 2004 at 3:03am
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Best Source for Apple LaserWriter Select 360 toner

I have bought a "poopy" reman. toner unit. Although it's "new" to me, I guess the parts are tired, as there are gray "tire" marks along one long edge of the paper - ie., a slight gray foggy stripe of tone where there should be white space.

This is for an Apple Laserwriter Select 360. I was told Apple does not make any more new toner cartridges, and my previous Apple cartridge worked great, but it's just out of toner.

...And, since this otherwise excellent website does not sell the kind of toner cartridges for my machine, I'd like to get a recommendation for an EXCELLENT source of replacement toner cartridges for my machine. Clean output is my primary concern. (I'd love to support this site...)

And, I've also looked into toner refilling websites, and that looks interesting. Any highly regarded suppliers there too would be appreciated.

Thanks for this website, Moe! It's a great resource.
"Tire marks" on the page is the result of a worn mag sleeve. When buying remans insist they replace the mag sleeve and the doctor blade.
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We can sell you a toner. We replace all internal components including mag roller PCR roller and drum. Email me for contact info....
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I, too, am looking for a quality supplier for this product. In my case, the remans print the right side of the page very faintly while printing the right side just fine. If I put the old "original" cartridge back in, it works fine (except the fact that it's out of toner & prints large splotches on the right side of the page).
I'd like to make sure it's the cartidge and not my printer that's the problem.
Any help is appreciated.
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Right side faded print is not a cartridge problem, it's a printer problem. Check the Printer Repair Kits section of this site.
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