asked Oct 10, 2004 at 11:40am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP5Si 13.1 Error


Have a 5Si/MX, worked fine after purchase as a used unit until a jam with 11x17. After that, the unit has not successfully printed. The 13.1 error pops after requesting a demo page from Tray 2. Have purchased (from here) and installed the roller kit and the PIU roller. Incidentally, after having watched the very thorough video, I completed the install in less time than the video - thanks.

I am at the point of diminishing returns on this piece of equipment, so any suggestions for saving it would be welcome.

Brian in CA
Open the door above tray 2 by pushing it in and releasing. Using a flashlight watch as the reqested print job starts. First look to make sure the paper tray has lifted to the correct position. Next watch as the roller turn to see if they attempt ot pull the paper or just turn with no paper movement. I do not know if the kit you installed was before or after the problem. You can also attempt to print from tray 3 by leaving tray 2 open to see if that part of the PIU is working. Post back the resutls.
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